Hello February

How do you guys say February? I always say it how it's spelled. Maybe it's stupid, but it's just how I roll. FEB-ru-ary. I guess, I never got the emphasis part on pronunciations, you know.

Oi Freaking Vey. So I'm trying to clean out my closet and almost every single thing is like "Oh I can't possibly get rid of this... it's a perfect music festival dress!" Stacy and Clinton would have a total field day with me, if I dressed badly that is.

Clothes: 20 billion  Tiffany: 1

Oh and honey let me tell you, I went to this antique store in downtown Ft Myers... how could I have never been there before? Unbelievable! The vintage there literally made my head explode. I can't wait to go back and poke around when I can be more focused and less bloated. BLEH!!!  Girl being sucks sometimes :(

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