Have you guys seen the adorbs flower tights Target has just put out? 

I saw them in the store but can't find them on the site (probably because I have no patience for it.) How is it possible for the store to be so much fun, but the website to be the complete opposite? 

Anyways, sweet flower tights, I covet thee. Have no fear, I'm sure they'll be on my legs quite soon. I'm so adoring little flowers for spring!

The INDIE conference started today. I'm seriously stoked about it. I'm already learning so much and getting so many ideas. I'm also finding other gorgeous bloggers to follow. All around ginormous win. 
Sign up here if you haven't already. 

I need to work on focus for my blog. Its pretty scattered, huh? 

Like my brain, in all honesty. My mind is all over the place anymore. Its driving me absolutely bonkers. Every afternoon I have some sort of melodramatic meltdown too. Its so ridiculous. And I realize it, but can't stop it. I'm an emotional roller coaster freak. Coupled with the zombie like state I seem to be in a lot and the turning into an ice cube after I eat a meal, I wonder if I have some crazy disease or something. Maybe I'm preggers (impossible) or menopausal (pretty doubtful). I'll call my disease SARS-West-Nile-Lunaticular-Cancer-H8N7-AIDS. Oh lets add hypochondriac to my list of ailments, shall we?

I went treasure hunting this week and got some stuff for the store that I'm planning on opening soon. I realized today, however, that only buying things you're in love with makes it difficult to part with said things. Tiffany, you must stop falling in love with your clothes! Its hard though, when your closet is one of the funnest places in the universe! Ridiculocity! 

More random: Can I tell you how much I adore google reader? It is like, the best invention ever. Mostly because I have a silly messager phone and not one of those new fangled smart things, so it enables me to read all the lovely blogs I follow all day long. Granted, I don't necessarily know that you can legit read full blogs on smart phones, but in my imagination you can. 

How is it possible for a girl to be so incredibly blow dryer dumb? I can't figure out for the life of me how to blow dry my hair with a round brush. You know, like every other person in the world can do and make look so fantastically easy? I'm going to blame my seriously weak arm muscles. They can't handle a blow dryer and a brush. #lame

Oi vey, I must get off of here. I have a million half finished projects that I must complete ASAPity. 
I'm making up such fab words today. My spell checker hates me.

I leave you with a picture of Logo looking completely insane with a pink cupcake. Enjoy!

Xs and Os boys and girls.
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PS Thanks so much to my friendly neighborhood Lynksys4 for being unsecured. I heart you long time since the d-link has magically disappeared. I'll bake you cookies someday, promise!

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