What's in my bag?

I've seen this going on around the blogosphere and decided to jump on the bandwagon. 

This is my favorite bag in the universe. I've been using it for almost 2 years now and I guess time to retire it. You have no idea how sad this makes me. I luff it so much. It's the perfect colors and it's big enough to hold everything, but doesn't look that huge, or maybe I'm just a giant. I saw this girl on the bus the other day with my same bag (in better shape, natch) and wanted to knock her down and take it, but I restrained myself. I should try and find it on ebay but how would you look it up? Mehh I'm on the hunt for one of those huge bags that you carry on your forearm anyway. 

1. Wallets... the big one holds money etc, the little one holds tea, idk why. That's just how it happened. 
2. Domo bag. It holds change and sometimes jewlery or other random things I don't want to get lost. 
3. Bus schedules. I get around.
4. Medicines and Hello Kitty bandaids. 
5. Altoids. Must have.
6. Sunflower seeds. Excellent snack. I prefer them in shells. These have been in my bag probably too long. 
7. Various makeups. I carry waaaaaay too much lip stuff on me.
8. Mix cd.
9. My idea book and pens. I just upgraded to this one. The last one didn't seem that big but it really weighed down my bag. 
10. Pepper spray and a lighter. You really just never know.
11. Glasses. The red ones are Logo's. Mine depend on my mood.
12. OMG pin. I used to wear this when I worked in the pharmacy. If you've ever worked in a pharmacy you know why. I keep it on me because sometimes you really need it for those  OMG moments. 
13. Keys. Hello Kitty keychain, natch. 
14. Random cute things Logo gives me. Hello Kitty silly band, bouncy ball, a Care Bear, and the red thing is a heart that says 'I love you'. 
15. Cellphone, mp3 player with Hello Kitty earbuds. Yes, I'm a freak. 
16. Corn Cob pipe. Idk why. I think some things live in my purse so I don't lose them. 
17. Hand sanitizer. We should probably use it more than we do.

Okay, so after doing this I realize why my shoulder is always killing me. I don't think I could ever downsize though. I'm a mom and ride the bus a lot. I really NEED all this stuff. lol. 

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