m is for mustache

1/2 of these are from we<3it

i'm tired.  need nap.  

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music monday

i'm attempting daily post things.  
i'm being generic because i was thinking of being random and not using alliteration or doing like 'tunes tuesday' but tunes is a really stupid word and alliteration is awesome and i remember i had this kick ass teacher in high school (mr. riddle) and he was appalled at how stupid his ap english class was so he made us this list of terms you should know in english and that was one of them and i will always remember those words until the end of time.  sadly i can not remember the name of said list, but it had a really good name.  so if any of you douche bags from high school stumbles upon my humble little blog, please remind me and i'll give you a cookie.  or cupcake because they are so hot right now, right?  why are cupcakes trending?  seriously.  everyone realizes, even babies, who don't know anything at all, that miniature cakes with frosting and sprinkles are the knees of the bees.  it does not need to be shoved in our faces, like omg these tasty morsels are so new and completely fetch!

another option i was considering for monday was mustaches.  i don't think anyone else appreciates facial hair as much as me though.  so maybe i'll do a mini mustache monday post later and that will be the end of it.  
holy stream of consciousness!  sorry, sometimes i roll like that.  
anyways, onto my post.

i haven't been listening to a lot of music lately.  i decided i should tonight and man what a difference!  i mean tiffany without music and a listless vegetable, seriously.  tiffany with music is like tiffany on crack.  fun times man.  sort of.  i mean it's just me and my music, nothing too crazy, but i am pretty upbeat and dancing by myself.  

there are several concerts coming up this fall that i would die to go to.  i probably won't be able to see them all because i would need to win the lottery or something but how great would that be?
i think i'll just post some youtube song videos, maybe a couple music videos.  i'm sorry in advance.  

10/7 buckhead theater
gogol bordello
you probably will think this band is weird, but whatevs.  i think they are amazeballs, give them a chance!
best line:  "your shopping techniques are amazing"

10/12 jannus landings
vw makes me so happy i can barely contain myself.  
i think i have my dress for this concert already.

jake gyllenhaal is funny in this video.  and that jonas brother... which one is he?  loves it.  ps only ezra koenig can rock the white trainers with black pants and i won't tell him he looks like jerry seinfeld.  

10/13 the social
ted leo, i love you so much.  we share initials and your band is the pharmacists!  sadly, i probably won't be seeing you because i just saw you last year.  you still have a special place in my heart.  

who? well it's easy to see/ ooh we could dance to be free/ ooh to that 2-tone beat/  but it looks like it's gone gone gone!  

11/16  jannus landing
better than ezra
hi, i'm a huuuuuuge better than ezra fan.  i know they're total pussy rock but i really dig it.  i've seen them a bunch of times, but not in like 5 years now.  idk what else to say, you know you like them.  
haha, i've been watching house all weekend, and this is a beautiful song: 
he's way better off with cuddy though.  
meh, i didn't feel like searching through all the videos for a better song.  

11/18 variety playhouse (i think...somewhere in atlanta)
omg epic.  
nick cave is amazing.  i prefer the bad seeds, but grinderman kicks total ass.  it's a joke, but this video is my life.  seriously, this will blow your freaking mind dude:

sorry, those last few, "the embedding was disabled by request"
holy crap, this got to be a long post.  sorry again!  
so that was my music monday, i promise next time it won't be so long!
i think i'll put this in the queue and see how that works...

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EDIT:  yay mine!

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this

posted on cl tonight and store is not open again until wednesday... SIGH
then i'm going to have to collect the rest of the set.  apparently this store has the clock too.  and i found the spice rack and the tea pot and these darling tea cups with a stand on ebay...

must.  have. 
totes kitchy awesomeness.

i think my mom must have had some mushroom stuff when i was growing up.
i'm sure this house about 'medicinal' shrooms has something to do with it too. 

oh look at my tiny oven.  

isn't it just the cutest?

oh my goodness, my brain is exploding with inspiration again... where is my notebook?
our house is going to be so freaking groovy.  i can't stand it.  

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okay so this:

is the most perfect hair color in the universe.  sadly i am getting to be an old lady so i can't rock that shit anymore.  i'm really wanting to ombre my hair, so maybe i can pull off the bottom being that color?  but what should i make my base color?  burgundy?  dark brown?  red?

opinions?  pls/ty!

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hey guys,

have you ever seen whitest kids u'know?

i used to watch them on fuse.  i think they still are on ifc now.  oh goodness, so incredibly funny.

you should check out some of their other skits.  you will laugh until you cry or pee your pants.  i promise.

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ps.  i'm not watching the new ones.  i swear!



hey good news!
that site from my previous post?  he got all his giraffes!  yay!!!

<---  did you  notice my little ragdoll cutie over there?  i got her from Rai.  you should get one if you haven't already!

i made these grilled ham, peach, & cheese sandwiches last night for dinner and they were really good.

that's all for now...

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hey you guys!

google images


get your giraffe on!

i really need to finish my sock one already... i am such a slacker.  

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no subject


one lives down the street from my grandma's house.  it's the perfect shade of avocado.  how i covet thee.  

sadly, i can't drive right now (that's a long, stupid story) so maybe by the time i can drive again i'll have one.  
i'd probably be happy with like any station wagon though.  i love 'em.  oooh subaru outback.  

that would be more reasonable.  those things last forever, and not so gas guzzly.  hmmm.  it's totally gooberish of me, loving station wagons, but i'm all about 50's housewife style.  

what's your favorite/ dream car?  

logan's dream car

pink enzo!
(google images)


girl crush

christina hendricks   

gq uk

i could gush, but that's just silly.  y'all know why she's freaking amazing.  

i have more to talk about, but i'll save it for another post.  


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for those who love cute...

you MUST go here!


trust me.  it's pure adorableness,
& bonus if you love cheetos!

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you have not LIVED until you have witnessed this greatness:

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oh hey!

i got some faboosh dresses from goodwill today for like $5.  they are adorable and like a cream/ off white color...  my question is, what color tights should i get for them?  they are kind of short.  i do love black and off white together, but i want to branch out into something more exotic.  any suggestions?

i just found some harlequin tights and now i need some panic at the disco

honestly, this video is pretty brilliant.  i've never actually seen it before.

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oh noes!

mercury goes retrograde 8/20.  just be forewarned...

also, here are some pictures of log and i at forsyth park in savannah.    
also, the mercer house (midnight in the garden of good and evil is my all time favorite book!)
next time i go to savannah i definitely have to do the walking tour and the ghost tour.  

i've been playing with polyvore today.  oh my that is way funner than farmville!

okay, my head is in migraine territory now and i'm sleepy so good night!  

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if you want to destroy my sweater...

ugh, i can't sleep.  

looks like all signs are pointing to bradenton.  good enough.  i hope one of these places kicks ass.  i mean, obvi i can make wherever i live kick ass, but it'd be nice if that was clear from the get go.  it's really cool that the mcat and scat bus systems interconnect.  i can't wait to be on the bus and take a picture and be like "booyah riding the scat bitches!!!"  or something like that because that's totes how i roll.  lol.omg.  

i also can't wait to go see that damn kissing statue up close.  that's one of my all time favorite pictures.  me and every other girl in the world, i know, but whatevs.  i need to get a copy of that again.  

google images

i'm also obsessed with this dish rack for the new place.  it's so freaking cute i won't even feel bad that i only like to wash dishes and never put them away!

hmmm... oh, i really want to find those one chairs again.  i should dig out the old blog about them and post it here... maybe someone knows where they are...  oh and that fucking table.  you know which one i'm talking about.  granted, it's a specific type of table and doesn't go just anywhere.  but it would rule all to get a classy retro table then.  

idk what else, we'll just have to see...

boo is always hatin' on the images i put up so does this one pass?  :p

oh hey, does anyone know anything about softphones or sipgate or anything?  this comp has windows 7 so the sipgate phone doesn't work on it, but i downloaded this 3cx or something and i don't know how to configure it for the life of me, i'm really quite the computer dummy... so anyone???

i signed my brother and i up for this project sketchbook thing.  it seems pretty neat.  at the very least it will look good on the ol resume.  i picked dirigibles and submersibles for him (i don't even know what a dirigible is though) and great hopes and massive failures for me (that's sooooo how i roll).  i hope people don't totally hate my awkwardly unique drawing style.  lol.  i'm sure cris's will make up for mine.  

i really need to put some thought into this blog and get it on track instead of just babbling incoherently.  i promise guys, i'll get organized soon and it will be a blog you can be proud to say you follow, k?  k!  

i wanted to write about something else, but i'll save it so it can have an entry all by itself, instead of getting jumbled in with 3am nonsense.  

i found the blue album on my itunes.  i so forgot about how good it is, since weezer is so...not... right now.  rivers cuomo, couldn't you learn anything from george costanza?  

hold this thread as i walk away...

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i'm sleepy

today i got awesome unicorns for a quarter!

then i made the best lunch ever!

then i found out nick cave will be touring the US in november (with grinderman)!

actually, i lie, i found that out a couple days ago, but i haven't shared it here yet.
and this is MAJOR.  i have to see them.  almost as badly as i have to see vampire weekend!

watch this one too:
ezra koenig has like the 3rd cutest face in the universe!
and his guitar is really sexy!


and that's it.
good night!

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fancy pants

last week, my mom and brother came to georgia for vacation.  it was pretty fun.  

one of the days, my mom, grandma, and i had a girls day in lyons and went antiquing and to this amazing house/restaurant deal called entertaining angels.  if you are ever in the area, you absolutely must go.  it is one of the most wonderful experiences you could ever have. 
basically, this family has a beautiful old restored house that they have opened up to serve lunch during the week.  the dad and son are your waiter and host and the mom cooks.  these people are the sweetest people you could ever encounter, bible.  they are so warm and friendly and all make a point to talk with their guests.  i've never been any place like this before.  
the food is to die for.  there is a different theme every month and the menu corresponds with the theme.  i took pictures of the food, it was that good.  actually that's a lie, tiffy's a hungry fatty who ate her salad before taking a picture so i reenacted it with google images.  anyways, july's theme was independence day so they were all red white and blue with blueberries and watermelon and such... well you can see the menu on the site... i can't wait to see what they are doing for august, i absolutely have to go back.  oh and get some of that balsamic vinaigrette,  it was delish!  and made with a blush wine or something so it gave me a little buzz, lol.  

okay so i am a total picture editing goob.  i don't know anything about photoshop and i actually go into mspaint a lot to edit my pictures.  i think it's quirky and fun and i really pwn at it.  you should see some of my stuff on photobucket.  anyways... i'm a total google whore anymore so i downloaded the picasa thing and it's really fun!  i built a collage with the pictures i took that day and it was insanely easy... to think i've actually cut and pasted that shit in mspaint... never again!  and warning, i'll probably be using the collage function a lot now.  

anyways... loves it!

what's your favorite unique restaurant?
do you have trouble spelling restaurant like me???


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i speak parata

*warning:  this might not make sense.  i have a way of doing things like that*

i used to be a pharmacy technician at a chain drugstore.  it was pretty insane, but i really enjoyed it.  unfortunately, they decided to sort of outsource in the state of florida so i got laid off, but that's how it goes.  i'll get into that later.  i'll probably go back to it some day, because when you're in the thick of it, it's really fun and i miss it.

anyways, what i want to talk about is insurance.  my poor grandma has been on the phone trying to figure out why her damn insurance was cancelled for the past hour and a half.  i really don't understand why insurance companies have to make things so difficult for old people.  it's hard enough for mentally efficient individuals to understand health insurance, but old people are really easily confused and they all have insurance, so it really needs to be less complicated or customer service needs to be better.  i hate how crappy the economy is and how understaffed everywhere is anymore.  when you have a problem, its such a nightmare to get to the final solution because there's like 3 people trying to handle all the problems in the world and it's impossible to stay on top of everything.  and then there are those that pass the buck.  i hate that!  it's so exasperating because the person you pass it too generally doesn't have a clue.  i really truly want to start some sort of customer service/ problem solving company of superheros who go around and get involved with problems at the beginning and stick with it until the end solution.  pipe dream, i know, but i think it could cure the economy or something.
i'll get off my soap box now.
i was going to go onto a car insurance rant, but i'll save that for later.

when i first read this it really amused me.
mmm chocolate covered vicodin
they should have picked a less tasty candy though.
my old store should have filled the roxi bottles with smarties or something.

thats all for now.

animal shapes


crafty pirate originally posted this:
save the manatees!
and it's a really good idea, so

have you created your giraffes yet???
he only has like 59k to go!!!

attn kitty owners!
clay cat litter is so bad for your little darlings
they have to breathe in that nasty dust from the litter and then they have to clean it off their fur
cats naturally have bladder problems because they prefer fresh water and then when they ingest litter (which is meant to absorb), it just makes them even more dehydrated.  
it's also bad for the environment
sodium bentonite (the stuff that makes the litter clump) has to be strip mined from the earth and that absolutely ruins the everything.  it also isn't biodegradable so it will just sit in the landfill forever and poison the earth and the water and you get the picture.  

there's tons more information online about this stuff.

use these instead:

it's a bad scene kids... don't do it!


combination pizza hut and taco bell

i have spent the past 8 hours looking for houses in sarasota on craigslist.  
eight.  hours.  
it's never ending!  

my head aches.  
it's a good thing looking at houses is something i really enjoy.

remind me to tell you about savannah sometime.