WIW Wednesday

I've been wearing this outfit a lot lately. I like the orange and buttons. I looooove the boots. They're totally replacing my grey ones. Which is hard because I love those grey ones but I rarely wear them because they do this funny bunch up thing in the back. These ones are super awesome though, so, thats how it goes, I guess. The grey ones are so 2009/10 anyways.

We were wandering around downtown the other day and noticed this cute train-esque thing and decided it would be good for outfit pictures. How I miss my photographer. He does such a good job.

Sweater: Thrift  Leggings: um? Boots & Bag: Target

In our adventures, we came across this wicked cool bear paw at Big Lots. Sadly, I only found one and no price tag so it didn't come home with me. It was very soft.

We also hit up this new kid place called Escape Zone. It was super fun. They have a skating rink so we tried it out.

I wasn't so good at it. Logan was even worse (think Bambi on ice, but more akward). He's still young, so I hope he gets the hang of it someday, hopefully at a younger age than me. Ricky was a total pro, but I'm pretty sure he's just naturally good at anything like that. He makes this stuff look so easy. I think I'm a really petite girl in this giant body, I'm always akward at everything. Or maybe that's just insecurities and I'm the least athletic person ever.

The Escape Zone also has bounce houses and a 'movie theater' type area, arcade games, and lots of playground type stuff. Lo's favorite part was this section that has these big gun things that you load balls into and shoot them at peole and walls and stuff. Fun times. He played in that part alone for hours. It's really inexpensive, we'll def be going there again.

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