I really love manatees. They are so sweet. When you see them irl they are so much bigger than you expect. They have the cutest faces.

This one reminded me of a shar pei we used to have.

Octopi are a different story completely. I'm sure you already know that. They are creepy as hell. They're all boneless and suctiony. Shudder. SRSLY. OMG. And their heads are all globular. Just writing this is giving me the creeps. Unless they're cutely illustrated they are so not worth it. 

I adore this dress. I purchased it from a thrift store for a mere $1. This was the first time I wore it and its completely perfect. So comfortable and a really good length. I wasn't worried once about showing the world my butt. Thats a pretty big worry when your dress is shorter. The material seems like it won't wrinkle very easily which is a bonus. I think I'll be wearing this dress a lot. 

Headband: Target  Dress & Shoes: Thrift  Earrings: Bealls 

Bag: Target  Scarf: Thrift
Logo a gogo really wanted to go to Bass Pro Shops so we headed out there. Its located in an open air mall so we hung out there all day. They have this playground type deal with sea animal statues that we clowned around on for a little bit. Then we headed to Borders which is closing and found a lot of nothing. 

except this snake. And a Rilke book. 

We ate lunch at Red Robin (Yum). That place is awesome. They have cupcakes now and of course I had to try one even though I prefer mine ugly (muffins). The one I had was freckled lemonade which is a completely genius idea for cupcakes that I never thought of before. I'm so going to make my own version one of these days. 

Ross had these dress form type decoration things but the local stores were sold out. I spied one out there. Its smaller than I thought so I was lugging it around the store, trying clothes on it to see if it would work. It potentially could, but the shoulders are quite narrow. I really liked the wrought iron look of it but I really didn't want to cart it around on the bus and stuff. They probably would have made me buy a ticket for it and I didn't feel like having people looking at me weird because I was carrying a wrought iron headless person. Now that I'm thinking about it I wish I would have bought it. I have some really great ideas running around in my head for pictures. Mehhh. Maybe I'll find one this weekend. Or maybe online will be cheaper. Hrm. 

We stopped by Target and I was so good and bought absolutely nothing! I'm so proud of me! Its getting harder and harder to not justify purchases though. Like now, my ankle is all messed up so I'm thinking I should wear these boots that lace up and have a lot of support. I don't really have something that goes with them so well, but Target has this perfect dress (with pockets) that I think would look dynamite with those boots. So see, complete necessity! Its for my ankle health! 

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Did you know a Sweet Valley book comes out today?

It's called Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later

I can't wait to nab a copy and read it up, I'm sure it's fantastic!

Did you read Sweet Valley when you were younger? They were so much better than the Baby Sitter's Club, weren't they?

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Music Monday

No Music Monday today because I'm still hooked on the Mumford & Sons. Leave me some comments of bands to check out, pretty please!

In the meantime, check out Kaelah's Mixtape Monday because the Old 97's are fantastic!

Writing that reminded me of Spacehog so I'll leave you with the holy awesomeness that is them:

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DIY Friday: Peanut Sauce

I like Stir Fry. A lot. Its pretty healthy and really yummy. I was bored with just the soy sauce or hoisen sauce on it so I decided to try a peanut sauce. Its made with peanut butter & I think it turned out completely delicious. 

I found the recipe through All Recipes but improvised a smidge.

1/3 c hot water
2/3 c peanut butter
1/3 c soy sauce
2 tbl lemon juice
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 c light corn syrup
1/4 c dry sherry

Honestly? Who has sherry? I don't think I've ever tried the stuff. Maybe I should someday but I left it out of my version, and it was fine. We also didn't have any cayenne pepper, but we did have this stuff called Hot Shot, which is awesome, you should definitely get some, and I think it was an adequate substitute. 

You just take all your ingredients and mix them together and then spoon the mixture over whatever you're eating with it. So tasty! I guess if you had this with tofu or just veggies it would be completely vegan too. Bonus! 

All my diys are food. I need to figure out some crafts that are complicated enough to need a tutorial. Hrm. 

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My little guy is sick. :( I'll be back next week!


I'm moving past the feeling again.

This was actually my St. Patrick's Day outfit. It wasn't overly green so I had no burning desire to switch out the one I already had queued up.

Aren't these boots fantastic? They don't go so well with this outfit but I've been dying to wear them forever. I got them about a month ago at this new thrift store. When I went in to this place I was blown away. Miles of clothes. Absolute craziness. I didn't have much time to puruse, but I spotted these boots and just about died. This place was cash only so I had to run across the street as fast as humanly possible to get some money so I could snap them up before someone else did. They make the loveliest clacking noise on hard surfaces. Not annoying like some shoes do, you know? 

Sweater: I can't remember  Tank: Bealls  Skirt: thrifted & dyed  Tights: Target  Boots: Super Thrift  Bracelets: Party City

Do you guys ever come across stuff you've previously donated at thrift stores? Are you ever tempted to purchase said item again? I've had to stop myself a few times and remind myself that there was a reason I got rid of it. They say familiarity breeds contempt, but I don't know. Sometimes I hear songs on the radio that I know all the words to because I've heard them so many times but in actuality I hate the song. Then I get confused and don't know weather I really like the song or not. A good example is Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows. I always hated that song. Now I just don't know. 

Its weird to remember that just a few years ago... Okay a couple more than a few (I'm old) I hated the color pink and refused to wear it. Now I can't live without it! 

Currently Playing: Arcade Fire
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The sun, it rises slowly as you walk.

This will be a combination Music Monday / Outfit post. Because I'm awesome like that. And that happens to be how I wrote it. It wasn't intended, but I got a little fanatic in the writing up of the outfit. 

I've been listening to Mumford & Sons on repeat. You know how people say "I've been looking at whatever so much, I can see it when I close my eyes?" Well, I'm like that, but I hear picking when I close my ears. If that's possible. 

I love their sound so much. Which is weird because I'm not so big on folk/ bluegrass. But they're fantastical. I've always wanted to play banjo, but now I need one. I wonder if it would be possible to thrift one this week. That would be uh-MAY-zing. I'll pray real hard. My prayers for unsecured internet and not missing my bus have been coming true, maybe they'll work on donated musical instruments too. 

I guess it kinda sorta goes against my whole giving up excessive shopping for Lent thing though, huh? Meh. It really feels like a necessity at this point! And you're supposed to fast/pray/give... isn't thrifting like an extremely good cause to give to? 

This is a really horrible picture of what I would look like with a banjo. Maybe I should reconsider now that I see what it would do to my arms...

I've been doing pretty good at Lent goals. I mean, obviously I've eaten. I'm too much of a moody fatty to not eat. I lasted like 2 days. It was Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal that did me in. I'm going to keep trying. Eventually I'll be a master faster. I hope. At least my stomach must have shrunk a little because I can eat barely anything and be full. I'm kind of getting off on the not shopping bit. Its such a band aid of an addiction. I feel so powerful not giving into it! 

I wish I could get a good picture of my nails. I used Pamplemousse!'s tutorial for glitter french manicure and love the way it turned out. They're coral with yellow glitter. Kinda Easter eggish. They actually match pretty well with my skirt though so I guess it all worked out.

This was my church outfit this week. My mom completely scoffed at my striped shirt with flower skirt. She's so conservative. It wasn't even that risky, the colors completely matched. I've had this skirt forever. I don't even remember where I purchased it. Ross maybe. I find I gravitate towards off white/ ivory a lot. I have tons of dresses this color and rarely wear them because c'mon. They're off white. What is wrong with me? 

Scarf/headband: Joanne Fabrics  Shirt: Aeropostale via thrift  Skirt: We'll say Ross  Shoes: You'll laugh, but I got them at Dollar General  Bracelets: Bealls.

Oi vey! I think I write too much in these posts. I can't help it though. I have no friends and Logo gets sick of hearing my crap. So if my blog doesn't get it my head will explode! You don't want that, now do you?

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Thanks for visiting my blog. You make me smile :)
7 is my absolute favorite number & is also the number of perfection.
I think if I get 27 followers before I turn 28 on June 7 I'll have a super awesome giveaway.

I sprained my ankle something gnarly this past weekend. I would share pictures, but I don't want you guys to vomit. SRSLY bad. Its all sorts of beautiful shades of purple and black. Today was the first day I've seen the swelling go down at all and its itching like mad. Sitting around doing nothing is absolute torture for me so I haven't been taking the best care of it. But, meh. idk.

About a million other things have been going wrong but I'll work my way out. I placed my first Avon order last night so I'm excited to try out some products and post some reviews.

Thanks for all the votes on my bang status! I guess I'll be keeping them off to the side. Now I just have to decide if I should dye it dark mahogany one last time until summer is over or just leave it to grow out. Warmer weather is making me want to ombre it something fierce. I have to wait and try out this 5 day rescue treatment  I ordered first because bleaching out the ends really fries my hair.

WOW! This post is kind of super lame. I'll try and get some outfit shots in and queued up for this week. Disregard the ugly ankle wrap please. I'm pretending its not there, you should to. I have some stored up so maybe I'll use those first. There is one set up to post in a little bit that I actually wrote last week... its a Music Monday & outfit post. Bonus!
In reference to my future post: I've been listening to this band non stop for the past week and a half now. And pretty much nothing else. Is this healthy? Maybe they're just that good.

Anyways! Hope you have a great week!
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The prettiest whistles don't wrestle the thistles undone.

Remember how I was coveting those sweet flower tights at Target?
Well I got them a while ago. And they are as darling and sweet as can be imagined. Sadly, when it says on the back that they go to the height of 5'11" they are taking liberties. I am 5'10" and my long finger toes kept poking runs in them so I had to chop the ends off and have yet to try them on again and see how they work now. SO SAD!!! I wish I wasn't such a giant freak. With finger toes. 
Yes. Short people don't know how lucky they are. Whine whine whine... 'I have to hem my pants'. Yeah, well its better than always having high waters! And all tights will fit you guys. Siiiiiigh. I'll stop now, its not like I can do anything about it. 

After I got them I tried to experiment and take outfit pictures with my webcam. They didn't turn out too well but when I tried to put on my sweet flower leggings today one of the runs went all the way up my leg so now I'm going to have to completely reconstruct them into something else. I'M SO SAD!!! I have another pair I purchased that are white with pink flowers but I think I'll return them before I manage to destroy them. Anyways, I'm posting these as a memorial to my wonderfully short lived leg coverings. 

Sweater: Mom  Skirt: Kmart  Tights: Target  Shoes: Gap

I love this skirt. It has little birds along the bottom part. The best part about it though was that I purchased it for like $4! 

My shoes were killing me one day so I went into the Gap and spied these shoes. After I wore them I realized they were probably slippers. I adore the little bunny tail on the front. I guess I could take it off and maybe they would look like real shoes, but that detail completely makes them. Do you guys ever have trouble deciding if shoes are legit shoes or slippers? I recently got these mocassins and they're super cute but I can't decide if I should wear them in public or not. 

Good bye little flowers for my legs. I will miss you. I am so very sad that our affair was so very short lived, but I can honestly say its you, not me. Maybe I'll bring you back as a scarf or something. The possibilities are almost limitless!

Currently listening: Self explanitory, but you know what's really funny? My itunes just shuffled to Milkshake by Kelis. So unexpected after the Decemberists! iTunes, how you keep me on the edge of my seat.

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I have to tell you guys about this thing I saw...

I guess it was a couple weeks ago now. Ricky was down and humored me, we went on a hunt for those flower tights I was coveting. For some reason, they were only to be found at the Target in Cape Coral, which is tricky to get to by bus. Anyways, we spent like 2 hours getting there and back (which is highly stupid, let me tell you, if you know anything about Cape Coral).

By the time we got back to the transfer station we were famished so we wound up going to this darling little restaurant/bar/grille/shanty/ whatever across the street. It was honestly very tasty. I highly recommend it. Logan adored it because he is a fish freak and there were flat screens all over the place with underwater scenes playing on them. Also the ceiling was painted and littered with stuff in fishing nets to make it look like we were under the sea. My avocado-dar was particualrly strong so I ordered the grilled chicken avocado wrap and it was delish! The wrap was homeade or something, normally when you get those things its way too much wrap doughyness and have to throw half of it away, but this one wasn't. It was like a crepe style wrap or something. Magnife!

Anyways, Food is not the point here. Or I guess it sort of is. When you walk in this place, it's like an open bar area in the front, nice atmosphere, but you walk up this little ramp to get inside the restaurant part and next to the door they have this claw machine, you know the type, you put your quarter in and kick it when the claw deliberately lets the stuffed animal slip out of its grasp. (Side note: My parents house is filled with animals my dad has won from those machines. He is the claw machine master) Anyways, this machine is not filled with stuffed animals. It is filled with live lobsters! Its definitely unexpected.

Brain dead me did not snap a picture so I drew you one instead. I think it makes the whole story that much more interesting. 
I'm not really sure how I feel about this live lobster claw machine dealy-o. I'm not sure how I feel about lobsters at all. I guess I feel bad for the poor guys. Always being crammed into small tanks with their claws rubber banded. Humans gawk at them and then when they get taken home they're boiled alive. Oh geez, writing this is making me sad and now I want to go to all the grocery stores, acquire the lobsters, take them to the beach and free them. I've never eaten lobster before so maybe if I tasted them I would have a different opinion, but as of right now, I think we should save them. Especially the ones in that claw machine. Poor terrified dears. Pardon me while I go make some 'Save the Lobsters' t-shirts.

Wow, my skills have really atrophied.

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I'm participating in a day of silence for Japan on 3/19/11.

Please help if you can: http://www.forjapanwithlove.com/

See you Saturday. Xo!

out of breath & out of cash

There is this tourist trap in North Ft. Myers called the Shell Factory. Lo and I completely love it. Ricky came down this week so we decided we should pay it a visit. 

We wandered around and saw all the sights, chased the geese and looked for turtles, played in the arcade, looked at the depressing taxidermied animals. Lo got scared in the Pirate's Grotto, and we even ate lunch at Fishbone's. Their buffalo wings are pretty good and their club sandwich is delish! (I can't believe I had the wrong their/there/they're in there... and then I spelled the right their wrong twice! Yikes! Where is my brain?)

Logan's favorite part is the fire engine, he could play on that for hours. I wonder if he's going to be a fire fighter when he grows up. 

Earrings, Dress & Bracelets: Bealls Sweater & Shoes: Target  Belt: Thrift  Shades: Fossil

I found this leather belt at the thrift store this week and had to snap it up. Its the perfect color. A pinkish shade, coordinates with rose gold really well. Idk why I'm so obsessed with rose gold. I mean it's gorge, but it's just copper. I'm currently on the hunt for a rose gold cross necklace and constantly coveting that dream engagement ring.  SIGH!

I wear this sweater entirely too much. I can't help it though. Its, like, completely perfect. I reeeeally wish I had gotten the one that was pinks and purples. I'll have to hunt on ebay for it or something. #radsweater

There was a tiny little lady bug on this swan's nose.
I've had this dress forever and honestly don't remember where I purchased it. I'm going with Bealls because I pretty much buy all my clothes there or Target or a thrift store. I'm so cheap and predictable.

He told me to be bubbly. This is my bubbly face. 
Reminds me of Moulin Rouge: "What's his type... Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smoldering temptress?!"  Ahhh I love that movie, must watch soon!

Sorry for the picture overload. But this guy right here took so many good shots. 
The guy behind the camera.

Are there any hokey tourist traps in your city that you can't get enough of? 
Currently Listening:  Modest Mouse: So Much Beauty in Dirt

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