Music Monday: Bad City

Do you believe in rock and roll?
(I hope this is the right video, I'm writing this like super fast)

I was turned onto Bad City this week. Holy rattlesnakes... They are AWESOME. They mash up the sounds of all the greatest rock bands from the 70's to the present and they do it fantastically. I can't even say enough good stuff about them. Paul Stanley said every track on their album Welcome to the Wasteland is a winner, and he's not lying. You have to check out the whole album. You will NOT regret it, I promise.

Side Note: I didn't know until like a month or so ago that my great grandpa's name was Paul Stanley (Flack), I never met him, he passed away before I was born, but how awesome is that? I mean, its really even awesomer when you learn who Paul Stanley is. Ha! OI VEY. That's some bad English. I need to get a grammar book.


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I messed up my posting options.

::insert huge sad face :( ::


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DIY Friday: Domo Cookies

I found this the other day and fell in love. I just had to try this recipe out. Sadly, my cookies didn't turn out half as amazing looking, but everyone said they're tasty nonetheless. 

Domo Cookie Recipe:

Brown Dough
1 cup + 2 T flour 

1/2 cup sugar 

1/2 cup cocoa powder 

2/3 of 1/2 t baking soda 
1 t salt 
10 T butter, cut into 3/4" cubes, room temperature

Red Dough

1/2 cup + 1 T flour 

1/4 cup sugar 

1/3 of 1/2 t baking soda 

1/2 t salt 
5 T butter, cut into 3/4" cubes, room temperature
a few drops red food coloring 

First for the brown colored dough, mix the flour, cocoa powder,sugar, baking soda, and salt together. Add the butter and incorporate it into the dry ingredients until it comes together as a dough. Gather it in a ball, wrap it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate it for 10 minutes.

For the red dough, mix together the flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt. Incorporate the butter with a spatula and then add the food coloring, mixing just until no more red streaks remain. Gather the dough and refrigerate for 10 minutes.

In her recipe, she was able to shape the dough into a rectangle with a red portion in the middle and then just sliced and baked. I think I used to much butter and my red dough didn't turn out so firm so I just shaped the brown dough and sliced them. Then I cut out their mouths and spooned in red dough. It worked reasonably well.

You bake them in the oven at 350 for about 12 minutes.  

Her recipe called for a ganache. I went the lazy route and bought some white frosting at the store. I had originally wanted him to have mini chocolate chip eyes, but he turned out larger than expected, so I used black icing for the eyes. 
Very important: let the cookies cool before you decorate. Also make sure people don't make you laugh while you're decorating or you will mess up and your cookie will look rabid. 


Then chow down!

Diamonds for Dessert has very nice detailed instructions for the legit ones on her page. Definitely check it out.

I think next time I'll use a sugar cookie recipe. These were good, and probably even better with the chocolate icing, but the way I went, I think they would taste better as sugar cookies. Next time I think I'll make sharks since the teeth I created are very shark like! 

They all had slightly different faces so I had to take a picture of each one!

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Thrifty Thursday

Ohmygosh, I looooove thrifting. It is seriously one of my favorite hobbies. I'm truly truly hoping to make a career of it this year. Its like treasure hunting. I love finding awesome vintage pieces and other off the wall amazingness in amongst all the stuff people donate. Thrifting is very good for the environment and incredibly economical. I can't get enough of it.

When I was in Georgia this summer, there was only a Goodwill and tiny thrift store downtown to pick through. I did manage to get some lovely dresses and knick knacks there, but nothing compares to the thrifting in Bradenton. We went to a Goodwill there that was HUMONGOUS. Seriously the size of a Walmart or something. And there was this little Hope Chest thrift store walking distance from the house, that I got some cute stuff from. When I got back to Fort Myers, I was disappointed with the selection at my favorite ones, but last time I went around they were getting better.


I scored these beautiful hair comb thingies at the Hope Chest Thrift Store. That place is completly amazing. I find the best stuff there. The were only $0.99!


The bowtie, not the kid. Lo loves wearing ties to church on Sunday, so every week we have to get him a new one. I scored this one at the Hope Chest and it was only $0.99 too.


Roller Skates! I've never learned to skate. I'm hoping to remedy that this year. I so want to roller derby. I got these for $4.00, they were 50% off.


This sweater shirt thing. It's not so amazing but I've been wearing it a lot lately. It's soft and comfy and I love grey. Best of all, it was only $0.25 but brand new with tags still on!


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The Universe sends me emails

Don't worry, you can get some too, just go here. It will completely make your day. 

It wasn't ever supposed to hurt, Tiffany. You weren't ever supposed to cry. And I never dreamed you'd sometimes feel so helpless.

Yet, as things have turned out, lots of folks have trouble getting out of bed on cold, dark mornings.

Anyhow, Tiffany, should there also be the occasional pain, tear, or touch of sadness beyond that, please realize these were anticipated, bargained for, and even sought after. As each would illuminate your resiliency, prove your strength, and help you blast through every flimsy notion that would otherwise keep you from seeing that even now I hold you in the palm of my hand and that all things are possible.

Such a deal,
    The Universe


WIW Wednesday

Okay, I'm trying to have a better plan for my blog. I'm hoping to keep up with it and stop being so random. 
I like doing outfit posts, but need to find a photographer or a camera with remote or something. I try and dress awesome sometimes. I used to dress super amazing awesome when I was younger. I miss those days and wish I had thought about blogging my outfits back then. Or I guess it would be LiveJournaling them. This was like 5 years ago. I know I'm not so ancient, but it really feels like another lifetime. AAAAANNNNYYYYYWAAAAAAYSSSSS

I'm not wearing this today, but I had some pictures of this outfit on my computer and love it. Sometimes I'm not too sure about it because its predominately off white and I'm a chunky monkey, but whatevs. 

This dress is completely darling. I can't wait until it gets warmer... it buttons up and has an open back with a bow. So cute! I need to get some pics of my earrings too. I luff them. I just had to have them early last summer and had to have them, I hit up every Target in the area and they were sold out. Then I finally found them and have worn them maybe once since I got them? Oh well, they're lovely. Its hard to tell what the tights look like but they're cable knit and my coat is my favorite coat ever. It's completely ladylike. 

/Completely long winded explanation for my outfit. 

Dress: Thrifted Coat: Bealls Tights: Target Shoes: Goodwill Earrings: Target

Happy Humpday!

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Music Monday

Today I'm going to do my guilty pleasure bands. I will never be a music snob. I love the pop music and will never be all hoity-toity about it. Sometimes I listen to 'quality' stuff, more often I listen to ear candy. That's just how I roll.

Logan is not letting me think for anything so this post will be short.  Sorry!

The All-American Rejects

Holy rattlesnakes. Does Tyson Ritter not have the most marvelous face ever? He does, don't disagree. I always squee a little whenever I see him in a movie or TV show. Anyways, All-American Rejects: good quality fun. Catchy, poppy, makes you dance. 2 Thumbs up.


I think I really just wanted to post this video. It is the most genius music video ever. And I could never reenact it because treadmills really disorient me.


No one ever appreciates Wheatus. I really don't understand it. Yeah they had that Teenage Dirtbag hit way back when, but that whole CD was amazeballs. And their cover of A Little Respect & Hit Me With Your Best Shot are so fantastic! Give 'em a chance! I really like his voice.

Lastly, I love love love Katy Perry. I'm not so nuts about that Firework song and I know she's not that great of a singer, but she's so cute and  pretty and her music is FUN. So whateva-eva.

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Bad News Bears

Good News: I got my tax papers so I can file my income tax.
Bad News: My student loans are waaaaay in default so idk if I'll get anything back. (Shhhhh.)

Good News: We got a new pastor at our church. He seems nice.
Bad News: The old pastor had to go back to Lakeland. I had grown attached to him. :(

Good News: I ombred my hair again, its a nice red.
Bad News: I hate it. I was really enjoying the dark hair more than I realized. (Siiiiiigh.)

Good News: I did a good job on my bangs.
Bad News: I still have to dye my hair back, I'm worried that the ends will look dead. ( Oooooh well.)

Good News: My hippie jeans fit really well now.
Bad News: I'm not eating junk food or carbs.

Bad News: I really think its time to retire my most favorite purse in the universe.
Good News: I found a new one I like at Target. I'm just waiting for it to go on clearance more.

Good News: I have brilliant blog ideas.
Bad News: I can never get enough time to use my brain for myself to get them done. :(

Good News: Just Dance 2 is like the funnest thing EVAR.
Bad News: I almost had to sell my soul to trade in old games. wtf?

Good News: New Gossip Girl tonight!!!
Bad News: I can't think of anything to go with that! Its allllll good.

Okay, must go work on something else.

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Sketchbook Project: Great Hopes and Massive Failures

I signed my brother and I up for this Sketchbook Project thing this year. I don't know why I thought I should do it, my drawing skillz aren't the greatest. I slacked forever on it and wound out tearing out quite a few pages and making Logan finish the rest. At least I did better than Cris, who is an amazing artist, but he was unhappy with the topic I picked for him (Dirigibles and Submersibles... I just really liked the words) Either way it's in the mail today and none of our scanners work with my computer so I had to take pictures of my lame drawings. I'll put them after a cut.

Maybe I'll sign up again next year and put more thought in the topic and maybe someday I'll graduate to being able to draw more than just stick people. Idk though, it's been my shtick forever. I recall making this amazeballs comic years ago consisting of stick people and it was totes awesome. I wish I knew where it went, it was completely epic.

I will pick a different project this year. I will also stick to stick people when I draw because that's all I'm good at. And I will NOT procrastinate. Ahh resolutions.

Now, see if you can tell which pictures Logan drew and which ones I did. I think I have a video or 2 of him giving drawing lessons somewhere, I should find them. They amuse me.

music monday (on tuesday... sorry)

This week, I've been listening to Y▲CHT a lot. They are super freaking awesome.

You should totes check them out. Even Lo digs them, and he has very discriminating taste in music.

I'm developing this dance in my head for this song. Probably just because the whole "hyuah" (how do you spell that word?) after the 'ayeeayeeyah' makes me pelvic thrust. LE SIGH.

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music monday

I finally saw the episode of House last week were Kal Penn died. Holy rattlesnakes, it was worth the wait. The song they play when 13 and Foreman discover him piqued my interest and I've been listening to it a lot.
It is very good.


Mehhh, now I think I should go listen to some James Blunt and cut myself while I dye my hair a particularly emo shade of black.

I'm so hollow, baby.
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Tune my Guitar to Sad

I'm super grossly depressed lately and can't seem to pull myself out of it. 
So, like, thanks to the people who care enough to check this, and I'm sorry I don't feel like existing or writing about said existence.

Logan is doing very well, so that's good, right?