Thrifty Thursday: Bust a Move

EDIT: My bonehead had this dude down here mislabeled as Tolstoy... Its Tchaikovsky... doi!

I spied the Tchaikovsky and Brahms at Kiwanis one day last year and decided they would be perfectly classy bobble head types in the car. 

Ricky found the Liszt one at a thrift store in Naples that I've always wanted to go to but have not yet managed to get to. It's called the White Elephant and I'm convinced it is a magical thrifting paradise. Obviously this is the case considering he found a giant Liszt there. 

I nabbed the Verdi last week and sad me has to look up who Verdi is. Shhhh don't tell anyone I'm not as classically music educated as I pretend to be. I only knew about Liszt because of Phoenix. Don't hate me! Oh doi, Verdi! Italian composer dude. Uber talented. Riiiiight on. 

Anyways, I could collect the rest of these guys off ebay at the snap of my fingers but its way more exciting to randomly spot them in a thrift store. Someday I'll collect them all. They're like Pokemon or something. Why don't they make scientist busts? I could totally rock some Einstein and Schroedinger and Mendel and shit, the periodic table Russian Standard guy... Dimitri Mendeleev. Yeaaaah, that would be hella cool. 

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