Music Monday: Bad City

Do you believe in rock and roll?
(I hope this is the right video, I'm writing this like super fast)

I was turned onto Bad City this week. Holy rattlesnakes... They are AWESOME. They mash up the sounds of all the greatest rock bands from the 70's to the present and they do it fantastically. I can't even say enough good stuff about them. Paul Stanley said every track on their album Welcome to the Wasteland is a winner, and he's not lying. You have to check out the whole album. You will NOT regret it, I promise.

Side Note: I didn't know until like a month or so ago that my great grandpa's name was Paul Stanley (Flack), I never met him, he passed away before I was born, but how awesome is that? I mean, its really even awesomer when you learn who Paul Stanley is. Ha! OI VEY. That's some bad English. I need to get a grammar book.


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