Thrifty Thursday


Darling Teapot. I might have posted this before but I purchased it from a Bradenton thrift store for a ridiculously low sum. Red polka dots are completely quintessentially Tiffany. I'm still on the hunt for matching tea cups however.


Awesome stingray hand puppet. Logo is gaga for sea creatures. When we saw this at the thrift store I told him he couldn't get it because I didn't have enough money. He was so sweet about putting it back, I caved and bought it for him.


This adorable kawaii top. Its actually a little girl dress, but was almost the cutest thing I've ever seen so I had to nab it and wear it as a shirt. The stars are total Care Bear stars style, and those are my favorite stars in the universe. I would actually consider getting tatoos of these stars because they are so freaking cute. The sweater you can barely see was a thrift find too, only a quarter!


Vintage cookbook. Better Homes & Gardens is the must have cookbook. Mine is from the 1940's making it completely fantastic. Sort of. They used a lot of lard, I just substitute canola oil. On the flip side, they believed in baking powder, which beats baking soda any day. I promise.

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