Phone Picture Purge

My last week in pictures:

My fav sunglasses lost a lens. :(

OSM little boy shirt @ Belk.

Sometimes Florida is great because when everyone else is getting a million feet of snow, I can be working on my skin cancer.

Stuffed roma tomato > your lunch.

These shoes have been strapless forever. I finally managed to dye this ropey stuff the right color. Hot pink espadrilles: FTW.

Maybe I'm creepy, but I think he's exceptionally sweet when he sleeps.

Proof my face is sinking: look at what is going on in my cheek region. What is that? Would they be known as jowls? ACK! Its gross how vain I am, I know. Almost as gross as my jowls. Is 27 a good age for a starter face lift?

George Bernard Shaw. Potential MO?

Journey is always FTW.

Logo got a new science book this week. It has this magnifying page in it. Therefore making this picture completely awesome in every way. 

My mom's Superbowl Veggie Pizza #OMNOM

There are flowers on my nails, I know you can't tell, but they're very pretty! (and hard to type with)

IDK if you can tell, but that PT Cruiser has eyelashes. So GLAM! My future hot pink Outback will have eyelashes and maybe even some sparkly eyeliner. 

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