WIW Wednesday

Logo-a-gogo was my photographer for this one. He's doing pretty well. The boy has potential. I'm training him on a point-and-shoot as we speak. I think by 7 he'll be able to handle a DSLR perfectly. 

I've had this shirt forever and I love the colors and the flutteryness of it, but it had these ruffles all down the front that were pretty overwhelming. Finally this week I was just like eff it and cut them all off. You can barely tell and I think with a few more minor adjustments it will be perfect. 

Top: Bealls (Clearance Center) Jeans & Shades: Bealls Tank, Shoes & Headband: Target

It was ridiculously windy when we were taking this pictures. Fun times.

I finally got my brown flower headband and I positively love it. It lives on my head. It doesn't squeeze my brains like some headbands do y'know, and it matches my hair color pretty well so it's just a little pop of something. 

I even have a remix because I just love this shirt so much I had to wear it again in the same week. I think I really dig it with the vest. I want to try and put a belt or a tie around the middle so it brings the waist in and doesn't look so poochy. 

Vest: Kohls Skirt: Thrifted and dyed Tights & Boots: Target Socks: Dollar Tree! (yes, I found socks at the Dollar Tree, that place is amazing!)

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