10% off with coupon code HOLIDAY2011
And most of the stuff is already on sale, so this is, like, a super sale!

Happy Holidays!!

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2 Dresses

I have to re-shoot the couple other things because the lighting was off. Until then, click the picture to go straight to the listing...

link to g/b polka dot

link to navy lace

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New Vintage (Oxymoron) For Sale

Click any picture to take you to the listing...

link to blue pleated maxi

link to floral dot romper

link to navy shirt dress

link to navy flutter sleeve

link to plaid a line

link to dot shorts

A few things tonight, more to come soon.

25% off until Monday with code: HALLOWEENIE
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Coming Soon

Cute things are being listed in the next few weeks...

The GRANDOPENING sale will be going on until the end of the month.

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Just a few dresses

Click any picture to take you to the listing.

Starting Monday (10/17), I will be running a Grand Opening special. 20% off anything in the shop with the coupon code: GRANDOPENING

link to white floral

link to 70s style maroon

link to purple floral

link to gray striped

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New Vintage (Oxymoron) For Sale

Yay! I listed stuff in my Etsy. Just tops and sweaters/ jackets right now, but hopefully I'll get some super cute dresses up tomorrow!

Click on any picture to take you straight to the listing...

link to polka dot secretary

link to yellow crop sweater

link to ruffled tie collar

link to pastel turtleneck

link to gray secretary

link to floral blazer

link to yellow izod

link to aqua izod

link to nautical jacket

link to navy velvet

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Like birthin' a baby

Okay, so after, what? Like 9/ 10 months, I finally have stuff up on my Etsy store. Or I will after this next post. I just had to share that title up there^. I amuse myself.

I'll be listing quite a few dress tomorrow. I hope. I have some other things in the queue, but I don't see why I couldn't get at least half of them up.

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Happy Birthday to Me

If I was one of the cool kids I would have one of those snazzy '28 before 29' lists all set up to post but I'm not. I guess I have some stuff to do in my head but I won't share, because whenever I share I'm not compelled to actually do said things. The time to look out is when I keep quiet. Then you know I'm serious and don't know what to expect. Or something like that.

Anyways, yeah. I'm twenty-eight. I'm borderline depressed about the whole thing. I mean it's so old. Sort of. I'm thisclose to 30 and am nowhere near where I think I should be. Sigh! It's all part of the plan, more or less, right?

Oh, and I'll throw in my birth chart too for shits & giggles.

If you understand this, I love you and lets be total bffs.

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