Reasonable Birthday Wishlist

When I wake up next Tuesday I will be 28. Yikes! Thirty is just around the corner. So depressing. 

I could do a mile long post for my wishlist, but I decided to narrow it down to the more reasonable stuff.

SLR Camera. Not digital. If I can take care of the SLR then I'll know I can handle the D. 

This one is miiiiiiiighy gorgeous. I would feel so fancy taking pictures with this one. 
A treadmill with a desk on it.  Pref. home made, not that TrekDesk. That thing is lame.

A F21 shopping spree. They're super reasonable.

Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (I have coupons) or Cheesecake Factory (no coupons).

Hello Kitty anything.
Esp. this sewing machine. Or any sewing machine. I neeeeed one.

Sweet dresses. I don't have nearly enough.

A real life Angry Birds game. I've seen people who have them. I know it exists.

A trip to a Coca-Cola Freestyle or my own fountain. 

Someone to organize me once and for all.

A giant stuffed animal.

That pink hair.

A book on crocheting and a book on how to play mandolin. Also a book on Bikram yoga. Any books really. Oh and this fancy book case at World Market. It spins and has a mirror on the back. A mirror that doesn't lie.*

A nice yoga mat.

Hypnosis to end those pesky chocolate cravings.

A cute vintagey bike. Front basket is a necessity.

*I'll discuss the lying mirror later.
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Memorial Day

My town has a little park by the river called Veteran's Park. I wanted to get outfit pictures there today but when I was walking around I felt really petty or vapid or something. I mean all these people fought for our freedom, died in wars and conflicts, so that I can have too many clothes and take pictures? Uuuugh. Sometimes I really disgust myself. Like, I wish I had redeeming passions instead of just shallow band aids that don't really fix the big problems. It must be perfectly lovely to be well-rounded and not just in the hips. :/

Sigh, I'm going the wrong way. I'm super hard on myself, I know. I guess I should see this as the holiday that marks the beginning of summer. And yay for that, I guess. I just wish it was winter again.

Either way, a huge thanks to all the wonderful people who risked and lost their lives for our freedom. I super appreciate it.

PS I really should have used tripod, these photos all seem so crooked. I guess it's not really that my glasses are off kilter, it is me. I am crooked. :(
Also, I don't know how I lived before cross-process.
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Music Monday

I could listen to this song a thousand million times and never hear it enough. So good. Its kind of sad how I constantly relate though, at what point do I get past all this? I hate how I'm always deviating. Meh. 

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Paint it black. No, not really.

I don't know if you guys remember me mentioning I wanted to try lightening my hair for the summer, or if I mentioned it at all on here. Well I did try it and absolutely hated it. Blonde (though a dark version of it is my natural color) is so not a good color on me. How is this possible? Am I supposed to be naturally ugly? ::shrug:: Don't worry, my overwhelming vanity disgusts me too.

Anyways, let me get to some sort of point. I had to dye over the ugly and then the new pretty color started fading so I decided I should try this box of dye I had lying around. Richard had nabbed it for me from his store when I was bombarding him with my hair woes. And by 'nabbed', I don't mean 'stole'. He totally paid for it, I promise!

I have been on an adventure to get rid of the red in my hair and just be brunette (well, before the blonde diversion that is) and this one was more red than I thought I wanted, but I tried it anyway. I'm glad I did because I really love it. Now I'm thinking I should go even redder. Ugh, no wonder my hair is so dried out and split endy. I dye way too much. Story of my life.

You know, I just spewed a bunch of words to almost nothing at all. Sorry, I'm trying to do a hair color review here people. I tried the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 5R and really liked it. I didn't think I would because it looked like that crappy Clairol Foam Color that I made my mom try but it actually worked really well. My hair is a little longer than my shoulders and there was plenty in the mix to dye my hair and I probably could have done my extensions (that I have and always dye but never ever wear, I have no idea why) too. Plus it was foam which is the funnest hair color experience you could ever have. Honestly, I think foam is just fun in any case. Not just hair coloring.

john frieda hair color

The only thing that bummed me out about it is that it has ammonia in it and I haven't dyed my hair with ammonia in the longest time. It stinks so bad! And burns a little. Either way, I toughed it out and am enjoying the results. I could see myself using this stuff again.

Its one of the pricier hair dyes, but worth it imho. Its foam and its fancy. If you dye your hair, you should totally check it out.
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It's stupid how I can feel so overwhelmingly lonely, 
but all I ever want is to be alone.* 

*No, I don't want to talk about it.


30 Days Clothes & Accessories Challenge

Your most expensive article of clothing:

st louis, coat

I'm extremely frugal. I can honestly say this coat is the most expensive article of clothing I have in my closet right now. It was like $80 and I got it before I went to St. Louis in 2009. That was a pretty long time ago. Yeah, I don't know what else to say. I would like to go back to St. Louis someday, I did not see enough. And def stay at the Cheshire Lodge again. That place was the bee's knees.

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30 Days Clothes & Accessories Challenge

A cute outfit of yours:

cute ouftit

I'm loving this outfit, haven't worn it yet though. I have plans for it.
I really need more dresses like this in my life. A closet full. Like, SRSLY. Anyone know where I can get more? 

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To be stuck inside of Mobile, with the Memphis blues again...

b'roo dress

You should so hear me do Dylan sometime. I kill it. Trust me. Oh and when I say 'kill' there, I mean in the good way, not the ScarJo doing Tom Waits way. SRSLY.

I adore the pattern on this dress, its way... something. I always wear a bathing suit under it because it really needs to be taken in but AS IF I'd actually getting around to something like that.

Blah blah blah. I was going for some sort of boho filthy hippie vibe here 'cause Sasquatch! is this weekend and I'm uber wishing I was there. This is a total music festival dress. I don't get to go to Bonnaroo this year. My heart is broken into a million thousand bajillion pieces. Moving on.

I'm thinking during the time I should be there I could do some sort of music festival fashion week. Like what I would wear if I was there. Wishful (delusional) thinking sort of thing. Its a completely brilliant idea, I know, but we all know how bad I am at follow through.

ANYWAYS. This is getting too long.
I'll try and do these more frequently since I now have tripod.
I look so pissed off in a lot of my pictures. I really need to learn how to give good face.

Dress: Hell if I know... its old. Sandals: Walmart Bag: Gift Earring: Ebay

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Music Monday: Neon Trees

Quick one 'cause I've got tons of stuff to do... Neon Trees. Have I done these guys on here before? Hmmm, yes. But not as a Music Monday. Some store was playing them the other day and I couldn't stop singing, so I'm dedicating today to them. Enjoy:

I actually haven't seen this version of Animal before. I think I kind of like it better.

I'm posting this one for Lo 'cause he likes to disturb me by saying he has 'Bieber Fever'.

I really wish someone would punch me in the side of the face and knock this stupid pain in the ass tooth out. Uuuuugh. It's killing me!
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Weekend Update

Okay, so I use that term liberally. Its almost the weekend. And maybe The Rapture is happening tomorrow, so this might be the last update ever. Is it unChristianly to joke about such things? I really don't know.

Deserving of first place:
Have you guys been to http://www.xojane.com/ yet? No? What is wrong with you? GO!!!! Its the best. SRSLY. Emily McCombs is there and everything. She's, like, my hero. There's tons of other awesome ladies there too. DEFINITELY check it out.


Our tomatoes are turning red! I'm so proud. I thought I was a plant murder, but it turns out I'm not. I can't wait to not have to pay $2.84/ lb + for them. I wish they were bigger though. I need to try my hand at Roma's or something.


I forget. Oh, that Sapphire Emulsion I was raving about. I'm still pretty impressed. When I woke up I had some itty bitty pimples, but they went away and my skin is looking pretty lovely today. Can't wait to see further results.

Oh and lastly:
I have this A.MA.ZING. Cinderella blue drapey top pleated bottom dress. If it was hemmed it would be the most gorgeous Grecian Goddess dress. How do I do this? Everywhere online says you have to take it from the top. That seems waaaaay too extensive. Should I just risk it? Oh why am I asking, I probably will just chop off the bottom and leave it at that.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend
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Dear Logan,

logan haircut

I absolutely love your haircut with your face. And I love that you picked it out yourself instead of me choosing for you. Silly of me? I'm sure. I Love you!

Xo, Mom


30 Days Clothes & Accessories Challenge

Wow, I've been pretty bad at this. I'll try harder. Maybe do a couple in one day.

A pair of pants that aren't jeans:

I don't have any worthy pants that aren't jeans. I wish I had a pair of green pants. Like olive khakis or something. I used to have these capri length ones that had cargo pockets and drawstrings. From like Aeropostale or something. Sounds horrible, I know, but so the opposite. I really wish I still had them. I used to wear them with pointy black boots 'cause that was the thing to do. Like some sort of sexy chic gestapo thing. 
Meh. Do you ever miss clothes you've gotten rid of? I really wish I had those green pants. I need to find another pair. 

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2 Things // Avon related


I got my order in today so naturally I had to try stuff out. Remember when I was telling you last week about the deal on Anew products? Well, I wound up ordering them and tried out the "Rejuvenate Night Sapphire Emulsion" this evening.

Opening the box was magical. This stuff is soooo pretty! All blue and sparkly. These pictures do not even do it justice.

sapphire emulsion

This stuff is marketed to those who are in their 30's. Since I am on the fast track there I figured I would give it a shot. The box claims that you can "get skin that looks up to 5 years younger in just 14 days!" It is made with "Avon's exclusive Spapphire Polypeptide technology with Pore Strength Boosters and is designed to help visibly shrink pores."

Upon first application, I am extremely impressed.

Apparently after Day 1 I can expect pores to look smaller and more refined. Day 2 Unveils your most rejuvenated skin. Day 3 Gives your skin a seamless, airbrushed look. After Day 5 I should see dramatic smoothing, softening, and refining of skin texture. Day 7 See up to a 25% reduction in the appearance of fine wrinkles. After Day 10 my pore appearance will virtually be erased! And after Day 14 my skin will look up to 5 Years Younger!

Don't worry guys, I will totally keep you informed if these claims are true or false. Like I said, I was very impressed with the results of Day 1. I'll know for sure in the morning if my pores are smaller and more refined.

Thing 2:

I was perusing the new catalogs and I spotted this gem:

avon convertible trench

Its a convertible mini trench coat! I'm in LOVE. Its $40 and not going on sale soon, but
its so unbelievably fantastic, I just might have to spring for it for a birthday present or something. IDK. We'll see. I kind of have a deal with myself that I'm not allowed to get anything until I lose like 20 lbs. I'm getting really fat and it's grossing me out. So we'll see what wins out. But yes, it's the coolest. I have to have it. Meep!

Oh hey. If you want to order some Avon, feel free to visit my site.
If you go on the left side and click on "Shop My eBrochure" it pulls up all the catalogs we have out currently. I've found its a much easier way to browse the site. 

So yeah, there's that. 

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Music Monday: Mika

I've been doing like an hour of Just Dance 2 for my cardio this past week. I keep setting my alarm for 5 to go for a run but it never ever happens. Waking up is my least favorite part of the day. Just Dance is way funner anyways.

My favorite song to warm up to is by Mika and I had forgotten how awesome he is, therefore I want to dedicate this Music Monday to him!

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OHMYGOD! I almost forgot to tell you!

I got BANGS! My hair is so now!

images via weheartit



Ha, legit Legally Blonde moment. Lisa straightened her hair last Sunday and I couldn't take it anymore. I had been resisting for so long. I see all the cute girls with their cute bangs and I had to be one again. I cut mine off and I'm loving them. I also shortened my layers so my hair is so adorbs. If only I hadn't dabbled in the ombre a couple weeks ago, it would be perfect.

Hair woes. Story of my life.

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