polka dot queen

Boyfriend was home for a bit this past weekend and he humored me by taking outfit pictures. I'm so appreciative because he gets honest angles. Sunday we were supposed to have a picnic in the park. We wound up eating at this legit sports bar instead and then going to the park. On the walk there we discovered this glorious pink cherry blossomish tree in bloom. It was the perfect background for my polka dot dress. These pictures do not do the tree justice. It is absolutely gorgeous. I really love a good tree. Dead trees, flowering trees, mossy trees. They're beautiful. 

Anyways, I had a stuffed tomato, which is like my favorite meal ever at this place, Smitty's. The Log had a 'hot dog from hell' and boyfriend had some tuna thing that looked tasty. While there, we decided starting Nov. 1 we'll be going on this south beach diet because his dad has lost like a bajillion lbs on it. I'm not so sure why boyfriend wants to do it unless he wants to become emancipated emo skinny, but I do appreciate the support. So wish us luck in the very low carbohydrate conquest. Maybe I can lose my pooch or something. No chocolate will be extremely difficult however. I haven't attempted the low carb stuff in years. It always had good results in the past though...

Dress: TJ Maxx, methinks  Shoes: Thrift  Necklace: You Look Mahvalous (some jewlery store in Fort Myers)

Monday we just hung out and went to Walmart and stuff. I went for the polka dots again. 

Shirt: Target  Skirt: Thrift  Shoes: Walmart?  Necklace: Bealls Outlet  Sunglasses: Walmart

Everyone else wanted to have outfit pictures too!

The log looks pretty creepy in this picture...

Jacket: Target  Shorts: Thrift  Sandals: Payless  Watch: Spongebob  Gun & headphone thingy: No clue  

Yes, he moonlights as a JC Penny's catalog model:
Button up: Target  Undershirt: Gap?  Belt: JCP actually I think. Shorts: Levi's DIY  Shoes: DSW  Pipe: mine
Speaking of polka dots, I have to introduce you to my favorite shoes ever some day.  

Oh, and finally, this is what happens to pumpkins in Florida.
Oh and notice how the back looks fuzzy? It totes is. GROSS! 

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A picture of you and your family:

dad, mum,& me 8/83

me, cris, & kyle 6/05

grandma, me, & mum 7/10
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My past weekend was pretty alright. My mom and brother came up to visit. She humored me and took me to Super Target since I hadn't been to one in 6+ months. It was barely successful. I did manage to score some brown tights and a really lovely almost mauve colored lace skirt for $4! Its totes gorge. I'm having a hard time styling it though. I'm in such a rut. She brought me the rest of my clothes from storage & I'm stoked because I've lost some weight and they fit again so I get to go shopping in my own closet which is awesome when you are broke, but I keep being all matchy matchy and can't figure out what else to do. I think I need to hit up some thrift stores and get some random accessories and I should be good to go. Oh also, those brogues and that bomber jacket and I would be soooooo set for this season. And maybe some boots, but that's always obvious. 

We also made it down to Bayfront so I could get pics of the statue.

I forgot the stick up for love stickers which really pisses me off, but I'll remember them next time. I need to get those done already... bad Tiffany!

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Write a letter to someone who has hurt you recently:

Well, I guess that would be me since I am my own worst enemy.

Dear Me,

You know what you do and you need to stop it now.


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11/30 & 3/30 edits

The best thing about BFitUF (Best Friends in the Universe Forever) is that you can go six months to several years without talking to them and when you do they still love you and you still love them. This being said, here is my one and only Tuuuurtle (aka Tim), who I've been friends with since like 1998 or something ridiculous like that.

Yes, this photo is circa um 2000 (take notice of my completely blonde locks yikes!) The lovely lady in the middle, is my grandma. She passed away last year. :(  All other pictures I have of Timothy are horrible for some reason, poor un-photogenic boy. He had an awesome picture of me in some goggles once and I really really wish I had a copy of it because I'm wanting to do this whole mad scientist thing on here and I can't find any legit goggles. I will persevere. Anyways, he lives in Tampa and I'm a couple counties closer now so maybe someday we will hang out, if we ever get our car sitchs worked out, or something like that.

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The Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe

Its a Tuesday, so I figured I should do a book review & its October so Poe seems fitting. I'm not really feeling up to the review so I'm just going to direct you to this site that I stumbled across a couple months ago: Book-a-Minute Classics
The Collected Work of Edgar Allan Poe

Ultra-Condensed by Samuel Stoddard and David J. Parker

Some Guy
Oh no. I'm buried alive!
I died.


oh and here's a bitchin' shirt from woot:
shirt woot

oh and finally, I read somewhere that John Cusack will be playing Poe in the Raven.  TOTES STOKED!

Next week I'll do something legit. I'm thinking The Unbearable Lightness of Being.  
Stay tuned! 

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How you found out about blogger and why you have one:

um, i had a blogger on my other email for like ever but only wrote in it when i was pissed and then forgot about it.  then one day i stumbled upon ashley's (under those neon lights) and i was like hey i like this and then i read another and another and i was like i should do this because i was going through some stuff and these people were inspirational and helped me pull myself out of my funk.

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Another picture of you and your friends:

I still don't have any friends.  I'm lonely. :(

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Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad:

I've been on a Vampire Weekend kick lately which is bittersweet because I don't get to go to the concert and it makes me very sad because that's all I've really wanted out of this extremely shitty year. Anyways, multipurpose I guess.  I used to listen to Brand New when I was mad at boys. I don't know what I listen to when I'm mad anymore. I don't do well with mad. I tend to just eat those feelings. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind always peps me up for some reason. Probably all the talk about blow. Musicals get me perky too I say that because I'm watching Moulin Rouge right now. For perky see also, Better Than Ezra. My taste in music dates me. Whatevs.  EAT IT. Finally, I've been needing some Hold Steady lately to keep me positive.  Oh and lastly for realz, I've been on an MGMT kick, but just that kids song.

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Something you're proud of in the past few days:

Ummmm. Okay well, I'm generally a slacker at making calls. I hate doing it. I never know what to say and it makes me uncomfortable leaving voicemails or whatever. But I've actually been taking care of business lately. Its so much better to take care of stuff than to put it off and worry. Also, I'm proud of myself for reigning in my brain and not freaking the fuck out. When I first moved, I was going nuts and crying all the time because I'm scared, but I've managed to control myself and realize my internal monologue is not necessarily the complete truth.

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I'd like to take a minute to talk about a meme.  Strutting Leo.  OH MY GAWD.  I know its been around for a little bit, but I still find it completely hysterical. LIEK OMG SRSLY. It doesn't take a lot to amuse me sometimes...  I've been working on my own, but its really all been done mostly, and I don't have many pictures on my computer of my own that work and those sorts are only amusing to me really.  WHATEVER.  I can't get enough. How do you guys feel about it? Have you seen Inception?  I have not, but need to. There is a $1 theater here which has me really stoked, seeing as how full priced movies are not in the budget. When Inception goes there, I'm so all in. 

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This is my favorite dress. It had been living in my storage unit for a long time but it's now happy to be back in my wardrobe rotation. It's so fall-ish.  I tried accesorize with the cowboy scarfy thing... Idk what its really called, I have never really liked the look, but figured I should try it on the off chance that it would look good. I still don't like it. Maybe it's better with jeans and a tshirt? If I don't like it that way, I'm giving up. I think I'm too popish to be hipster. Whatevs.  Anyways... I'm dying for a pair of brogues... but my old oxfords will have to do until I can afford them. Blah blah, I was gonna go introspective, but no.

dress: bealls outlet  scarf: thrift  stockings: target  shoes: goodwill, i believe  ring: i don't remember  kid: me
Its so typical I know, but I love love loooove autumn. I've been holding off because I love the indian summer picture on my background here, but I'm really itching to fall it up. I love how the weather has really cooled off. I've been able to totally turn off the a/c and just leave the windows open. I don't die when I'm walking to the library or whatever. I even found a honest-to-God red leaf on the car when I was taking pictures for craigslist. I had to save it, I was so excited.  Everyone in the neighborhood is decorating for Halloween. Its so awesome, I hope they go all out for Christmas too. Logan is so sweet. He knows how things are right now so he thinks he can be a skeleton again this year since his costume still fits. I hope I can figure out something awesome for him & that we can go to the pumpkin patch at the Red Barn or something fun. Sigh. Sigh sigh.

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I Don't Care About Your Band

google images

Today I want to discuss a book by the hysterically awesome Julie Klausner. It was definitely an 'I-couldn't-put-it-down-for-even-a-second' book. I remember reading the review for it in some random library magazine & was absolutely dying until it came out. Just the title  spoke volumes to me. I have this thing where I like to relate to stuff... I love it when movies or books make me feel normal. Her opinion on giving head really helped me feel better about myself because I always thought I was a total freak or something. Anyways, she's self deprecating (which I can really respect) & so freaking funny. Like pee-your-pants-giggletasm territory. I really recommend this book to all females, especially those who have dated crappy cliched guys with bands,etc. She's so refreshingly honest about it all. DELIGHTFUL! She's a really good voice for our generation and I don't know how to say it... She wrote about this hysterically negative stuff, but still stays optimistic and romantic still. She inspires me to someday write my own memoir, even though I have yet to do much of anything worth mentioning. Also, you all should just go here and read about her awesomeness. I live in a house where classic literature is respected and represented, but I will fight a battle to the death for this particular book to get a place of honor.
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holy crap

I wanted to do a music monday and an outfit post and queue up some other stuff, but since we got back from our lovely picnic lunch down by the river, this library has gone arctic!  I'll have to try again tomorrow & with a parka or something.  BRRRRRRRRRR!!!

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A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you:

This little man completely changed my life.  Before he was born, I was completely self-absorbed and neurotic.  Now I'm slightly less so. I've been total stay at home mom for like the past year. Actually, we've been mostly inseparable for longer than that. So we have our periods of me finding him eternally amusing and then on the flip side, wanting to sell him to the black market. Don't worry, a lot of the time he wants to pull a Stewie Griffin on me. (I shouldn't let him watch Family Guy)  At the end of the day, I love him to bits and pieces and would never actually dream of such a thing. He's like my best friend, mostly because he has no choice, but I really value his shopping opinions. He is brutally honest. And often embarassing. Anyways, yeah. My kid was the obvious answer for this question. He has definitely had the biggest and best impact on me.

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