Thrifty Thursday: Owl Edition

I found these guys at this great thift shop in Lyons, Ga. That's a tiny town near my grandma's house. They were like $6 and are gigantic and heavy! 

When I was at Goodwill the other day I spied this fantastic owl clock!

And the matching lamp!

I was on the bus so hopefully they'll still be there when I go back.

I probably won't count on it though. My orange chair missed connection is still out there. 

dear whoever got those fabulously-awesome-best-most-fantastic-love-at-first-sight-chairs from the goodwill on daniels,

i hope you are enjoying them. i hope they look absolutely divine in your living room or wherever. i hope you treat them right and don't get peanut butter and jelly or spoodge stains on them. i hope every time you sit in them and they cushion your bottom you know my heart is broken into a thousand million pieces because they belong in my living room, not your stupid house. i hate you and they hate you too. i've never even felt this way about a man, how can you deny a love like ours? please, if you have any soul at all post them on craigslist.com so they can be united with their rightful owner.

tiffany ( the one who belongs with orangeish paisley plaidish armchairs)

Oh well, I use the 'if its meant to be' philosophy a lot in shopping. Silly? Maybe. But it works for me and occasionally saves me money. 

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