The prettiest whistles don't wrestle the thistles undone.

Remember how I was coveting those sweet flower tights at Target?
Well I got them a while ago. And they are as darling and sweet as can be imagined. Sadly, when it says on the back that they go to the height of 5'11" they are taking liberties. I am 5'10" and my long finger toes kept poking runs in them so I had to chop the ends off and have yet to try them on again and see how they work now. SO SAD!!! I wish I wasn't such a giant freak. With finger toes. 
Yes. Short people don't know how lucky they are. Whine whine whine... 'I have to hem my pants'. Yeah, well its better than always having high waters! And all tights will fit you guys. Siiiiiigh. I'll stop now, its not like I can do anything about it. 

After I got them I tried to experiment and take outfit pictures with my webcam. They didn't turn out too well but when I tried to put on my sweet flower leggings today one of the runs went all the way up my leg so now I'm going to have to completely reconstruct them into something else. I'M SO SAD!!! I have another pair I purchased that are white with pink flowers but I think I'll return them before I manage to destroy them. Anyways, I'm posting these as a memorial to my wonderfully short lived leg coverings. 

Sweater: Mom  Skirt: Kmart  Tights: Target  Shoes: Gap

I love this skirt. It has little birds along the bottom part. The best part about it though was that I purchased it for like $4! 

My shoes were killing me one day so I went into the Gap and spied these shoes. After I wore them I realized they were probably slippers. I adore the little bunny tail on the front. I guess I could take it off and maybe they would look like real shoes, but that detail completely makes them. Do you guys ever have trouble deciding if shoes are legit shoes or slippers? I recently got these mocassins and they're super cute but I can't decide if I should wear them in public or not. 

Good bye little flowers for my legs. I will miss you. I am so very sad that our affair was so very short lived, but I can honestly say its you, not me. Maybe I'll bring you back as a scarf or something. The possibilities are almost limitless!

Currently listening: Self explanitory, but you know what's really funny? My itunes just shuffled to Milkshake by Kelis. So unexpected after the Decemberists! iTunes, how you keep me on the edge of my seat.

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