The sun, it rises slowly as you walk.

This will be a combination Music Monday / Outfit post. Because I'm awesome like that. And that happens to be how I wrote it. It wasn't intended, but I got a little fanatic in the writing up of the outfit. 

I've been listening to Mumford & Sons on repeat. You know how people say "I've been looking at whatever so much, I can see it when I close my eyes?" Well, I'm like that, but I hear picking when I close my ears. If that's possible. 

I love their sound so much. Which is weird because I'm not so big on folk/ bluegrass. But they're fantastical. I've always wanted to play banjo, but now I need one. I wonder if it would be possible to thrift one this week. That would be uh-MAY-zing. I'll pray real hard. My prayers for unsecured internet and not missing my bus have been coming true, maybe they'll work on donated musical instruments too. 

I guess it kinda sorta goes against my whole giving up excessive shopping for Lent thing though, huh? Meh. It really feels like a necessity at this point! And you're supposed to fast/pray/give... isn't thrifting like an extremely good cause to give to? 

This is a really horrible picture of what I would look like with a banjo. Maybe I should reconsider now that I see what it would do to my arms...

I've been doing pretty good at Lent goals. I mean, obviously I've eaten. I'm too much of a moody fatty to not eat. I lasted like 2 days. It was Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal that did me in. I'm going to keep trying. Eventually I'll be a master faster. I hope. At least my stomach must have shrunk a little because I can eat barely anything and be full. I'm kind of getting off on the not shopping bit. Its such a band aid of an addiction. I feel so powerful not giving into it! 

I wish I could get a good picture of my nails. I used Pamplemousse!'s tutorial for glitter french manicure and love the way it turned out. They're coral with yellow glitter. Kinda Easter eggish. They actually match pretty well with my skirt though so I guess it all worked out.

This was my church outfit this week. My mom completely scoffed at my striped shirt with flower skirt. She's so conservative. It wasn't even that risky, the colors completely matched. I've had this skirt forever. I don't even remember where I purchased it. Ross maybe. I find I gravitate towards off white/ ivory a lot. I have tons of dresses this color and rarely wear them because c'mon. They're off white. What is wrong with me? 

Scarf/headband: Joanne Fabrics  Shirt: Aeropostale via thrift  Skirt: We'll say Ross  Shoes: You'll laugh, but I got them at Dollar General  Bracelets: Bealls.

Oi vey! I think I write too much in these posts. I can't help it though. I have no friends and Logo gets sick of hearing my crap. So if my blog doesn't get it my head will explode! You don't want that, now do you?

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