I have to tell you guys about this thing I saw...

I guess it was a couple weeks ago now. Ricky was down and humored me, we went on a hunt for those flower tights I was coveting. For some reason, they were only to be found at the Target in Cape Coral, which is tricky to get to by bus. Anyways, we spent like 2 hours getting there and back (which is highly stupid, let me tell you, if you know anything about Cape Coral).

By the time we got back to the transfer station we were famished so we wound up going to this darling little restaurant/bar/grille/shanty/ whatever across the street. It was honestly very tasty. I highly recommend it. Logan adored it because he is a fish freak and there were flat screens all over the place with underwater scenes playing on them. Also the ceiling was painted and littered with stuff in fishing nets to make it look like we were under the sea. My avocado-dar was particualrly strong so I ordered the grilled chicken avocado wrap and it was delish! The wrap was homeade or something, normally when you get those things its way too much wrap doughyness and have to throw half of it away, but this one wasn't. It was like a crepe style wrap or something. Magnife!

Anyways, Food is not the point here. Or I guess it sort of is. When you walk in this place, it's like an open bar area in the front, nice atmosphere, but you walk up this little ramp to get inside the restaurant part and next to the door they have this claw machine, you know the type, you put your quarter in and kick it when the claw deliberately lets the stuffed animal slip out of its grasp. (Side note: My parents house is filled with animals my dad has won from those machines. He is the claw machine master) Anyways, this machine is not filled with stuffed animals. It is filled with live lobsters! Its definitely unexpected.

Brain dead me did not snap a picture so I drew you one instead. I think it makes the whole story that much more interesting. 
I'm not really sure how I feel about this live lobster claw machine dealy-o. I'm not sure how I feel about lobsters at all. I guess I feel bad for the poor guys. Always being crammed into small tanks with their claws rubber banded. Humans gawk at them and then when they get taken home they're boiled alive. Oh geez, writing this is making me sad and now I want to go to all the grocery stores, acquire the lobsters, take them to the beach and free them. I've never eaten lobster before so maybe if I tasted them I would have a different opinion, but as of right now, I think we should save them. Especially the ones in that claw machine. Poor terrified dears. Pardon me while I go make some 'Save the Lobsters' t-shirts.

Wow, my skills have really atrophied.

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