I really love manatees. They are so sweet. When you see them irl they are so much bigger than you expect. They have the cutest faces.

This one reminded me of a shar pei we used to have.

Octopi are a different story completely. I'm sure you already know that. They are creepy as hell. They're all boneless and suctiony. Shudder. SRSLY. OMG. And their heads are all globular. Just writing this is giving me the creeps. Unless they're cutely illustrated they are so not worth it. 

I adore this dress. I purchased it from a thrift store for a mere $1. This was the first time I wore it and its completely perfect. So comfortable and a really good length. I wasn't worried once about showing the world my butt. Thats a pretty big worry when your dress is shorter. The material seems like it won't wrinkle very easily which is a bonus. I think I'll be wearing this dress a lot. 

Headband: Target  Dress & Shoes: Thrift  Earrings: Bealls 

Bag: Target  Scarf: Thrift
Logo a gogo really wanted to go to Bass Pro Shops so we headed out there. Its located in an open air mall so we hung out there all day. They have this playground type deal with sea animal statues that we clowned around on for a little bit. Then we headed to Borders which is closing and found a lot of nothing. 

except this snake. And a Rilke book. 

We ate lunch at Red Robin (Yum). That place is awesome. They have cupcakes now and of course I had to try one even though I prefer mine ugly (muffins). The one I had was freckled lemonade which is a completely genius idea for cupcakes that I never thought of before. I'm so going to make my own version one of these days. 

Ross had these dress form type decoration things but the local stores were sold out. I spied one out there. Its smaller than I thought so I was lugging it around the store, trying clothes on it to see if it would work. It potentially could, but the shoulders are quite narrow. I really liked the wrought iron look of it but I really didn't want to cart it around on the bus and stuff. They probably would have made me buy a ticket for it and I didn't feel like having people looking at me weird because I was carrying a wrought iron headless person. Now that I'm thinking about it I wish I would have bought it. I have some really great ideas running around in my head for pictures. Mehhh. Maybe I'll find one this weekend. Or maybe online will be cheaper. Hrm. 

We stopped by Target and I was so good and bought absolutely nothing! I'm so proud of me! Its getting harder and harder to not justify purchases though. Like now, my ankle is all messed up so I'm thinking I should wear these boots that lace up and have a lot of support. I don't really have something that goes with them so well, but Target has this perfect dress (with pockets) that I think would look dynamite with those boots. So see, complete necessity! Its for my ankle health! 

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  1. manatees are my favorite, and everyone always thinks that's so weird!