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There is this tourist trap in North Ft. Myers called the Shell Factory. Lo and I completely love it. Ricky came down this week so we decided we should pay it a visit. 

We wandered around and saw all the sights, chased the geese and looked for turtles, played in the arcade, looked at the depressing taxidermied animals. Lo got scared in the Pirate's Grotto, and we even ate lunch at Fishbone's. Their buffalo wings are pretty good and their club sandwich is delish! (I can't believe I had the wrong their/there/they're in there... and then I spelled the right their wrong twice! Yikes! Where is my brain?)

Logan's favorite part is the fire engine, he could play on that for hours. I wonder if he's going to be a fire fighter when he grows up. 

Earrings, Dress & Bracelets: Bealls Sweater & Shoes: Target  Belt: Thrift  Shades: Fossil

I found this leather belt at the thrift store this week and had to snap it up. Its the perfect color. A pinkish shade, coordinates with rose gold really well. Idk why I'm so obsessed with rose gold. I mean it's gorge, but it's just copper. I'm currently on the hunt for a rose gold cross necklace and constantly coveting that dream engagement ring.  SIGH!

I wear this sweater entirely too much. I can't help it though. Its, like, completely perfect. I reeeeally wish I had gotten the one that was pinks and purples. I'll have to hunt on ebay for it or something. #radsweater

There was a tiny little lady bug on this swan's nose.
I've had this dress forever and honestly don't remember where I purchased it. I'm going with Bealls because I pretty much buy all my clothes there or Target or a thrift store. I'm so cheap and predictable.

He told me to be bubbly. This is my bubbly face. 
Reminds me of Moulin Rouge: "What's his type... Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smoldering temptress?!"  Ahhh I love that movie, must watch soon!

Sorry for the picture overload. But this guy right here took so many good shots. 
The guy behind the camera.

Are there any hokey tourist traps in your city that you can't get enough of? 
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