Thanks for visiting my blog. You make me smile :)
7 is my absolute favorite number & is also the number of perfection.
I think if I get 27 followers before I turn 28 on June 7 I'll have a super awesome giveaway.

I sprained my ankle something gnarly this past weekend. I would share pictures, but I don't want you guys to vomit. SRSLY bad. Its all sorts of beautiful shades of purple and black. Today was the first day I've seen the swelling go down at all and its itching like mad. Sitting around doing nothing is absolute torture for me so I haven't been taking the best care of it. But, meh. idk.

About a million other things have been going wrong but I'll work my way out. I placed my first Avon order last night so I'm excited to try out some products and post some reviews.

Thanks for all the votes on my bang status! I guess I'll be keeping them off to the side. Now I just have to decide if I should dye it dark mahogany one last time until summer is over or just leave it to grow out. Warmer weather is making me want to ombre it something fierce. I have to wait and try out this 5 day rescue treatment  I ordered first because bleaching out the ends really fries my hair.

WOW! This post is kind of super lame. I'll try and get some outfit shots in and queued up for this week. Disregard the ugly ankle wrap please. I'm pretending its not there, you should to. I have some stored up so maybe I'll use those first. There is one set up to post in a little bit that I actually wrote last week... its a Music Monday & outfit post. Bonus!
In reference to my future post: I've been listening to this band non stop for the past week and a half now. And pretty much nothing else. Is this healthy? Maybe they're just that good.

Anyways! Hope you have a great week!
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