Bye bye beautiful. Don't bother to write.

I think these balloons are stalking me. Its almost creepy. When I was done with pictures yesterday I left them on the back porch closer to the door. I was out this morning, at the other end of the porch where the chaise is (I call it my office) and the balloons managed to float all the way down around many obstacles to get all up in my grill. I pushed them away but they wouldn't leave me alone. I swear I am not making this up. When I came in and shut the door they kept peeking around at me so I had to close the blinds. They still are peeking in through the window that has partially closed blinds. Maybe I'm crazy, but I really think they're possessed. 

Dress: Papaya  Shorts: Cato  Tights: Target  Shoes: Bealls  Necklace: Forever 21
I've had these tights for a while. I got them on super clearance for a $1. I can't ever pass up things that are a dollar that I might use someday somehow. This is the first time I've worn them. I didn't know what to pair them with. I tried a blue dress but I felt like a complete smurf. When I spied this dress in my suitcase of extra clothes I thought it was a pretty good match. They are so incredibly soft & comfortable too. I think once my excessive shopping lent is over I'll have to try and find some more. 

These shoes are probably my best deal ever. They set me back a whopping 43 cents.
It was so windy when I was taking these pictures. If I hadn't had my hair up I'm sure it would have been blowing everywhere. It even started raining when I was out there, so I had to take some shots inside. And now it's really cold so I don't feel like going outside anymore. Even Marley wants to stay inside today and be petted. Normally he's horribly independent and off on his own. 

Meh, sorry about all the color variations. I'm still trying to figure out this picture taking/ photo editing business. The middle one is probably the truest colors. Also, I wrote this like last week. Double Meh! I'm trying to play catch up. Obvi its not cold here now... Next week I should have the battery charger for my mini computer so it won't be such an ordeal to find free internet. I am poor. 

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