I'm moving past the feeling again.

This was actually my St. Patrick's Day outfit. It wasn't overly green so I had no burning desire to switch out the one I already had queued up.

Aren't these boots fantastic? They don't go so well with this outfit but I've been dying to wear them forever. I got them about a month ago at this new thrift store. When I went in to this place I was blown away. Miles of clothes. Absolute craziness. I didn't have much time to puruse, but I spotted these boots and just about died. This place was cash only so I had to run across the street as fast as humanly possible to get some money so I could snap them up before someone else did. They make the loveliest clacking noise on hard surfaces. Not annoying like some shoes do, you know? 

Sweater: I can't remember  Tank: Bealls  Skirt: thrifted & dyed  Tights: Target  Boots: Super Thrift  Bracelets: Party City

Do you guys ever come across stuff you've previously donated at thrift stores? Are you ever tempted to purchase said item again? I've had to stop myself a few times and remind myself that there was a reason I got rid of it. They say familiarity breeds contempt, but I don't know. Sometimes I hear songs on the radio that I know all the words to because I've heard them so many times but in actuality I hate the song. Then I get confused and don't know weather I really like the song or not. A good example is Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows. I always hated that song. Now I just don't know. 

Its weird to remember that just a few years ago... Okay a couple more than a few (I'm old) I hated the color pink and refused to wear it. Now I can't live without it! 

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