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I had originally purchased this dress for my store. It's complete vintage, circa 1950 or so. Its in excellent condition too, I was so surprised that the belt was included. Unfortunately I fell in love with it, so it lives in my closet right now. I think its one of those I won't be able to part with. I have another one I guess I'll replace it with if I have to. It's completely awesome in every way, but it fits me strangely so there's no sense in keeping something I don't wear. Right? 

Dress: Thrift  Cardigan: Target  Shoes: Payless

Those shoes are my favorite shoes in the unvierse. They're so perfect. 

These are the fiercest nails I've ever had. I have to do them again. Idk if you can tell but they're red leopard print. Rawr!

I talked my brother into coming down to the dock to take pictures for me. I had visions of a  tea party with stuffed animals for a header but then I realized that would probably be waaaay too* juvenille. I got some really cute pictures out of it though. 
*Heavens to Betsey! I was just proofreading this and I've had the wrong too right there. Goodness! What is with me? I'm glad I proofread! (Using the wrong form of to/two/too is my biggest pet peeve ever)

While we were off to the side taking some different shots Logan said he was being a bartender to the stuffed animals. He got them all drunk, and when we went back poor Alf was passed out in his tea cup. 

My kid is crazy. 

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