I've got these habits that I cannot break

I gave up food and excessive shopping for Lent. Both will be equally hard for me. The food one is reeeeeeally getting to me right now. I keep telling myself that Jesus died for my sins, the least I can do is not eat for a couple days. Plus I want to be serious about fasting. I think it will be beneficial for my physical health and mental health in the long run. I did a test run last week, it didn't go so well, hopefully this one will be more successful. I don't know that I can do the whole time though.

The excessive shopping one I will definitely do a whole 40 days. God and I are still on the fence about a triple barrel curling iron. It was something I was planning on purchasing before I decided on the giving up of shopping so we'll see what happens. Only necessities and business purchases will be allowed until Easter. Who thinks I'll be getting creative with the term 'necessities' before my time is up?

Are you guys giving anything up for Lent?

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ps I was searching for Jesus pictures and came across this blog. It amused me so I wanted to share!

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