Another first kiss

My mom and I were talking about my vintage infatuation and she mentioned that she still had the last present her grandpa gave her way back in the 70s. It was a sweater set. I begged her to let me borrow it and then I ran off to the woods to take pictures.

I remember tramping around in these woods when I was a kid. They've not changed much. The big additon is some paint ball hideouts or whatever they're called.  And a big pit for a bonfire. Kinda cool. I wish Florida had some more exotic trees. The malaluca are interesting, but when they're in bloom I am super allergic. There were beautiful trees around our house Bradenton, a gigantic maple right out front. I was so happy in autumn when all the gorgeous yellow leaves fell in our yard. At my grandma's house they had a ton of magnolias and pine trees and such. I always loved the image of Savannah with the moss hanging off the tree limbs. I think I got my fill of spanish moss in both Georgia and Bradenton. There is a ton of it there! All the parks and around our house and everything. So gorgeous! Ack, I miss my beautiful trees... among other things. :( I don't miss palm trees. Meh. They're okay as far as trees go, but I find them quite boring.

I finally broke down and bought a pair of jeggings. I guess they're okay. My jeans wouldn't fit in my boots so I had to for their sake. These are kind of big in the waist, but I didn't want to go a smaller size and have them be tight in the leg and butt area. My butt has a bad habit of busting pants. Wow, did I really just tell you guys that? Anything I compose in my head sounds to me like my butt is this beast that has pooping or gas issues, but that's not the case. All I'm sayin is my butt is large and in charge and my pants must fit it or it will make sure they do. Moving on...

Ricky took these shots. He really takes the best pictures. He kept telling me to look at the sun because it made my eyes soooo green. I couldn't do it! He should look at the sun sometime, it freaking hurts!

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