Don't go chasing waterfalls

Gray Top & Chicago Shirt: Thrifted Skirt: Kmart (it's cute, how crazy!) Cons: Ummm, they're old, I have no idea.
These photos are pretty crappy but there is a slightly funny story behind them.
My mom works in this amazing office building that is so very pretty. Its courtyard style with lovely plants and a fountain waterfall type deal. The lighting is constantly good there. I was planning on buying a camera Saturday so I could take some shots there but couldn't commit so I had Logan take some test shots with my phone to see how they turned out. I climbed to the top fountain because I thought it might be a good angle (its not). He got sick of taking pictures so I said we could stop. 

I like how the water came out so clear and everything else is blurry.
When I went to go back to the building part I got cripplingly scared. I was convinced if I moved I was going to fall to my death. My brain is so silly! It was only like one flight up but I could not move for anything. I finally managed to get down and crawl back to the landing. I am such a dork. Logan was trying to convince my mom that I needed to be punished for going out there. All in all a funny story. Probably even funnier if you had been there. 

How harrowingly high up!
The things we do for outfit pictures!
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