DIY Friday: Easy peasy layered hair

I know you can find this information various places on the internet, but I gleaned it from a few places and never before has it been so awesomely illustrated! 

I've probably cut 4 or 5 inches off my hair in the past few weeks with this tutorial. I only did 2 inches the first time, but the results were so awesome I got scissor happy again and cut some more off. I recommend only cutting like 1/2 an inch at a time because cutting your own hair off is nerve wracking. I mean, maybe. Some people are professionals and its a piece of cake, me, I've only ever dabbled in bang cutting. 

Hair cutting scissors. 
Very important. Don't use your kitchen or crafting scissors. So bad for your hair. I got mine at Target. They weren't too expensive and they're leopard print (natch)!  I think I'll be investing in some nice ones from Sally's soon though. 
Hair ties. 

Make sure your hair is relatively straight. The first time I cut mine, it was dry. The second time I did it right after I washed it and it was much easier. Its probably better for your hair too if you cut it wet. Just remember, wet hair dries shorter!

1. Gather all your hair in a ponytail. I put mine right at my hairline so that my layers were more noticible. In theory, the lower your pony tail is, the closer together the layers are. Make sure its as even as you can get it. 

2. Pull hair in front of your face, again making it even. 

3. Snip off hair in a straight line. I recomend going slow, just 1/2 an inch or so at a time. 

If you want layers that frame your face:

4. Part hair all the way down as even as you can. Put each section in a ponytail on the sides of your head, as close to the middle as you can get. 

5. Tilt your head so that your ponytail is perpendicular to your head. Snip off just a little bit to make it a straighter line. You don't have to cut off too much because you already cut off the layers, you just want to get it to frame your face. 

6. Then you just dry your hair and style it. Yay! Super awesome and easy!

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