Paint it black. No, not really.

I don't know if you guys remember me mentioning I wanted to try lightening my hair for the summer, or if I mentioned it at all on here. Well I did try it and absolutely hated it. Blonde (though a dark version of it is my natural color) is so not a good color on me. How is this possible? Am I supposed to be naturally ugly? ::shrug:: Don't worry, my overwhelming vanity disgusts me too.

Anyways, let me get to some sort of point. I had to dye over the ugly and then the new pretty color started fading so I decided I should try this box of dye I had lying around. Richard had nabbed it for me from his store when I was bombarding him with my hair woes. And by 'nabbed', I don't mean 'stole'. He totally paid for it, I promise!

I have been on an adventure to get rid of the red in my hair and just be brunette (well, before the blonde diversion that is) and this one was more red than I thought I wanted, but I tried it anyway. I'm glad I did because I really love it. Now I'm thinking I should go even redder. Ugh, no wonder my hair is so dried out and split endy. I dye way too much. Story of my life.

You know, I just spewed a bunch of words to almost nothing at all. Sorry, I'm trying to do a hair color review here people. I tried the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 5R and really liked it. I didn't think I would because it looked like that crappy Clairol Foam Color that I made my mom try but it actually worked really well. My hair is a little longer than my shoulders and there was plenty in the mix to dye my hair and I probably could have done my extensions (that I have and always dye but never ever wear, I have no idea why) too. Plus it was foam which is the funnest hair color experience you could ever have. Honestly, I think foam is just fun in any case. Not just hair coloring.

john frieda hair color

The only thing that bummed me out about it is that it has ammonia in it and I haven't dyed my hair with ammonia in the longest time. It stinks so bad! And burns a little. Either way, I toughed it out and am enjoying the results. I could see myself using this stuff again.

Its one of the pricier hair dyes, but worth it imho. Its foam and its fancy. If you dye your hair, you should totally check it out.
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