Reasonable Birthday Wishlist

When I wake up next Tuesday I will be 28. Yikes! Thirty is just around the corner. So depressing. 

I could do a mile long post for my wishlist, but I decided to narrow it down to the more reasonable stuff.

SLR Camera. Not digital. If I can take care of the SLR then I'll know I can handle the D. 

This one is miiiiiiiighy gorgeous. I would feel so fancy taking pictures with this one. 
A treadmill with a desk on it.  Pref. home made, not that TrekDesk. That thing is lame.

A F21 shopping spree. They're super reasonable.

Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (I have coupons) or Cheesecake Factory (no coupons).

Hello Kitty anything.
Esp. this sewing machine. Or any sewing machine. I neeeeed one.

Sweet dresses. I don't have nearly enough.

A real life Angry Birds game. I've seen people who have them. I know it exists.

A trip to a Coca-Cola Freestyle or my own fountain. 

Someone to organize me once and for all.

A giant stuffed animal.

That pink hair.

A book on crocheting and a book on how to play mandolin. Also a book on Bikram yoga. Any books really. Oh and this fancy book case at World Market. It spins and has a mirror on the back. A mirror that doesn't lie.*

A nice yoga mat.

Hypnosis to end those pesky chocolate cravings.

A cute vintagey bike. Front basket is a necessity.

*I'll discuss the lying mirror later.
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