Weekend Update

Okay, so I use that term liberally. Its almost the weekend. And maybe The Rapture is happening tomorrow, so this might be the last update ever. Is it unChristianly to joke about such things? I really don't know.

Deserving of first place:
Have you guys been to http://www.xojane.com/ yet? No? What is wrong with you? GO!!!! Its the best. SRSLY. Emily McCombs is there and everything. She's, like, my hero. There's tons of other awesome ladies there too. DEFINITELY check it out.


Our tomatoes are turning red! I'm so proud. I thought I was a plant murder, but it turns out I'm not. I can't wait to not have to pay $2.84/ lb + for them. I wish they were bigger though. I need to try my hand at Roma's or something.


I forget. Oh, that Sapphire Emulsion I was raving about. I'm still pretty impressed. When I woke up I had some itty bitty pimples, but they went away and my skin is looking pretty lovely today. Can't wait to see further results.

Oh and lastly:
I have this A.MA.ZING. Cinderella blue drapey top pleated bottom dress. If it was hemmed it would be the most gorgeous Grecian Goddess dress. How do I do this? Everywhere online says you have to take it from the top. That seems waaaaay too extensive. Should I just risk it? Oh why am I asking, I probably will just chop off the bottom and leave it at that.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend
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