To be stuck inside of Mobile, with the Memphis blues again...

b'roo dress

You should so hear me do Dylan sometime. I kill it. Trust me. Oh and when I say 'kill' there, I mean in the good way, not the ScarJo doing Tom Waits way. SRSLY.

I adore the pattern on this dress, its way... something. I always wear a bathing suit under it because it really needs to be taken in but AS IF I'd actually getting around to something like that.

Blah blah blah. I was going for some sort of boho filthy hippie vibe here 'cause Sasquatch! is this weekend and I'm uber wishing I was there. This is a total music festival dress. I don't get to go to Bonnaroo this year. My heart is broken into a million thousand bajillion pieces. Moving on.

I'm thinking during the time I should be there I could do some sort of music festival fashion week. Like what I would wear if I was there. Wishful (delusional) thinking sort of thing. Its a completely brilliant idea, I know, but we all know how bad I am at follow through.

ANYWAYS. This is getting too long.
I'll try and do these more frequently since I now have tripod.
I look so pissed off in a lot of my pictures. I really need to learn how to give good face.

Dress: Hell if I know... its old. Sandals: Walmart Bag: Gift Earring: Ebay

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