since you've been gone

i've been hiatusing for a while now.  i have so much to catch up on and of course logan won't cooperate.  
le sigh.

i'll post some pictures.  

i tried to make an outfit post before i left georgia.  i'm not happy with it.  i need to get a good camera instead of my crappy phone.  or get my freaking holga.  so at least they look cool.  or take some detail shots.  i guess it's all up from here kids.  

dress: thrift  shoes: target  necklace: forever 21

well, if you know me... you know i have this unnatural obsession with target.  the closest one to my grandma's house was like 100 miles away so i've been going through major withdrawal.  logan and i took a trip to the bradenton one last week.  as far as targets go, it was puny, but i was pretty happy just to be in my mecca again.  he was kind enough to document my explorations since he was bored in the shopping cart.  

i enjoy logan pictures.  he gets interesting angles.  i think i have some more on my phone i could put up.  he's my little lomographer.  

here's an embarrassing one of him, for good measure.
i'm so leaving this up until he starts dating.

okay, onto the next.  i'll try to post more frequently.  
maybe queue some up.  

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