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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

I love (times infinity) this book.  Just look at the cover, so beautiful and perfect for this book.

From wikipedia: "The title alludes to the hoodoo notion of "midnight"; the period between the time for good magic and the time for evil magic; in "the garden of good and evil," which refers principally to Bonaventure Cemetery."

This book is a true story, centered around Savannah and based on a murder at the Mercer house.  The book talks about the different characters that reside in Savannah and its in a kind of Gothic style, with the voodoo and whatnot.  

I really do completely love this book.  I haven't read it in a couple years and now I'm absolutely itching to.  The way it is written, you can not tell it's a non-fiction book.  It engrosses you and the characters are very colorful.  I think my favorite is the Lady Chablis.  

I enjoy the movie, I am a huge John Cusack fan, but nothing compares to the book, natch.  So if you enjoyed the movie you must read the book.

When we went to Savannah last month, I really wanted to go on the walking tour.  We didn't have enough time, probably because it was imperative that I go to a Target (I have this really bad addiction and where I have been staying has no Target at all) so I chose cute clothes over MitGoGaE.  Don't worry, Target was almost everything I dreamed of, and we did manage to drive by the Mercer house on the way to Forsyth Park and I took a total goober picture.  There's always next time.    


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ps.  Sorry I missed Tuesday by like 10 minutes. 

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