haha today I got these huge owls for the new house. 

Recent picture & 15 interesting facts about yourself:

1.  I'm 27 and have never seen snow irl. 
2.  I'm like Amy Winehouse with ballet flats, except mine are leopard print.  I should probably find a different go-to shoe, but come on, leopard ballet flats are like, perfection.  
3.  I'm a ridiculously huge Phil Collins fan.
4.  I've had like 15 jobs so far (yikes).  Mostly because I've had several employers go out of business & some were part time jobs I worked at the same time as my main full time job.  I should have just gone away to college. 
5.  My favorite car was named Mr. Ruff Rider.  He was an '82 Toyota Tercel.  He would still be alive if I could have found the proper water pump for him.  I miss him.  He was good times and people described him as having 'lots of character'.  lol. 
6.  My boyfriend is going to grad school for Russian Lit & I really respect him for it.  Legit.  
7.  I'm paranoid about people somehow remotely accessing my webcam while I'm picking my nose or something so I have to always have a sticker over the thingy.  
8.  I've flown a plane before.  Well it was a little Piper cub type one and it was for like 2 minutes, but it was pretty invigorating nonetheless.  I remember my mom freaking the eff out that I was even going up in one.  
9.  I know entirely too much about astrology.  
10.  I have green eyes.  I wish they were brown 50% of the time.  
11.  My hugest pet peeve is when people use the wrong form of to/too/two.  A lot of grammar errors glare at me.  I try very hard not to make them myself.  That being said, I do use stupid made up words a lot and rarely capitalize.  I guess its okay because I know the rules (for the most part).
12.   I used to write for the newspaper.  Sadly the only article I have online anymore is total crap.  :(
13.  If I could have dinner/lunch/tea with anyone from past or present I would pick Albert Einstein.  Close seconds are Abraham Lincoln and Ezra Koenig (natch).   
14.  Russian Standard is my favorite vodka.  It was created by the same guy who created the Periodic Table of the Elements.  Wild Turkey American Honey is my other favorite alcoholic drink.  It is mmm mmm good.  
15.  I really like science.  Specifically:  Chemistry.  

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