Favorite superhero & why?  

I don't like this question.  I would say Batman, but he's not technically a superhero.  He's a vigilante.  Which imo is completely better than superhero.  A vigilante isn't born with superpowers.  He has a keen mind and takes what God gave him and Macguyver's the hell out of it and kicks total ass.  
I could also say Wolverine since I named my son after him (sort of) (and in retrospect I should have picked the Hulk because he's so freaking huge and angry... lol), but again, Wolverine is not a superhero.  He is a mutant.  Mutants are closer to superheroes because they have superior talents, but they weren't necessarily born with them.  A lot of times, these abilities are thrust upon them without their consent.  They do the best they can however, and save the world, even though the world doesn't understand them.  I guess this is what makes them 'super' heroes.  

I'm sorry, I've gone and confused myself.  Could you please repeat the question?

I leave you with the original 'superman' desiring a cookie.

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  1. I'm a big fan of X-MEN myself... Hubs and I are currently watching all the movies. : )