feel good, inc.

I've kinda had my guitar tuned to sad* lately.  It seems like nothing has been going right.  I know some of it can be attributed to mercury retrogradin', but lesigh.  I feel pretty impotent about everything.

I've come across a few things that have made me smile and I wanted to share them.  

I'm a big fan of Abraham Lincoln stuff so this commercial makes me giggle:  

JGL is pretty much perfect.  Like you would never even want to date him perfect because you would never want any reason to think he's not.  

I came across GMH today and it's super cute and heart-warming. "It's like fml for optimists"  

Finally,  House marathons make me smile.  Idk, I just can't get enough.  I have a problem.  

I had to throw this in here because I've been on a Neutral Milk Hotel kick & this particular video is glorious.  

Lastly, (for real this time) I'll leave you with a picture of Paul Rudd looking serious about a giant pickle.  I don't like pickles, but I do enjoy me some PR.
pickle you, kumquat.

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