happy september

he inspires me so.  good thing i just got all those sharpies.  at the very least i will be making the R2-D2 trashcan.  

hey story about sharpies.  one time i was at the swap shop in fort lauderdale (my absolute favorite florida city) and i found this rainbow pack of sharpies for a pretty good deal so purchased them.  upon further inspection i realized they were not actually sharpies.  they were shoupies. 
total facepalm moment. 

modcloth put up these shoes today:
and they took my breath away.  
ohmygoodness.  they are the most glorious footwear i have ever seen in my life.
they are absolute art for your feet.  

and there are more!  so many more beautiful shoes.  
their website is like disneyland on the interweb,
even better than that hello kitty one i posted a few weeks ago.
mostly because it is in a language i understand
 and its fabulous shoes and not nasty fruit flavored cheetos. 
but anyways, go there and feast your eyes.  they even have shoes for men.
i wish i lived in the uk (the selection there is a little better) and could capture them all and keep them in a menagerie.  

siiiiiigh.  to be fair, i do have this shoe thing.  i worked at a shoe store for 3+ years and have well over 100 pairs of shoes in my collection.  thankfully i'm 5'10" and have the size of feet that go with that height or i would have so many more shoes in my life.  

the weather has been really nice in georgia lately.  it's like the humidity is gone and i can smell fall in the air.  i hope florida catches up soon since i am going back next week.
  logan and i were down by the lake today because apparently there are some otters living there and we wanted to see them.  logan, bless his dear clumsy soul, fell in.  it was only halfway and i was able to rescue him, but it was pretty funny.  sadly, we did not see the otters.  maybe next time.  i'll take pictures.  

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