music monday

I'm letting my iTunes pick the band.  

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Okay, here's a secret.  I had listened to them before but never really paid attention.  Last year when I was getting gung ho for Bonnaroo & then after I was like 'what is wrong with me?  YYY is AMAZEBALLS!'  So then I was all about them.  Karen O is effing awesome.  But I'm sure you all are quite aware.  

cliche KO pic (google images, i think)


it's really freaking hard deciding which songs to post because they are all sooooo incredibly good.

this video always makes me cry.  that one tear is so powerful.  

i love this one:  Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Pin

Final note:  when you look at the word 'yeah' a lot, it starts to be funny looking and you wonder if you've spelled it wrong. 

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