A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you:

This little man completely changed my life.  Before he was born, I was completely self-absorbed and neurotic.  Now I'm slightly less so. I've been total stay at home mom for like the past year. Actually, we've been mostly inseparable for longer than that. So we have our periods of me finding him eternally amusing and then on the flip side, wanting to sell him to the black market. Don't worry, a lot of the time he wants to pull a Stewie Griffin on me. (I shouldn't let him watch Family Guy)  At the end of the day, I love him to bits and pieces and would never actually dream of such a thing. He's like my best friend, mostly because he has no choice, but I really value his shopping opinions. He is brutally honest. And often embarassing. Anyways, yeah. My kid was the obvious answer for this question. He has definitely had the biggest and best impact on me.

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