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um.  i'm stretching.  but i really enjoy reading and i couldn't think of anything more creative.  

this week i chose

when i originally read it, it wasn't because oprah told me to or anything.  i just liked the sprinkles.  
when i'm looking for something to read i often gravitate towards rehab memoirs.  i don't know why this is.  i think it's because i can't relate so i want to figure out how drug addiction happens.  

anyways.  a million little pieces by james frey.  

there is a lot of controversy over this book and it's kinda crazy how mixed the reviews are.  i guess you'll have that with anything but some people are so upset that this is not 100% factual.  whatevs, that's not the point here.  as a story, i think it was amazing.  

i really enjoy james frey's writing style.  it's very unique and super stream of conscious (of course i would be a fan of that).  it really draws you in.  i'm one of those silly people who naturally gets sucked into almost everything i read/watch, but this one was exceptional.  holy crap, at times i was completely drained, just from reading!  i felt the things he was writing about and it screwed with my head a bit.  i realize that this sounds like a bad thing, but for a writer to have such extreme power with words just blows my mind.  

i liked his first book so much i had to read his follow up, my friend leonard, and his total fiction piece bright shiny morning.  of the three, i liked my friend leonard the best, probably because it was sort of a love story.  so if you read a million little pieces you have to read my friend leonard too.  but i will warn you, these books are definitely not all unicorns and rainbows.  they are gritty and real but extremely well written imo.  
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