DIY Friday: (Easy as Pie) Vegetarian Tacos

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I wasn't going to do a diy today because I've been moving and haven't had time to diy anything, but I figured I could piece together this recipe from pictures on the internet and that would be okay, right?

I've dabbled with being vegetarian. I really don't like meat that much, so its not such a big deal. I love eggs entirely too much to be vegan, but maybe someday. Most of the time when I make a vegitarian meal I just crumble up random Morningstar patties in place of the meat. Someday I will create legit meals, but for now, this works and tastes just fine.

One of my favorite Morningstar meal creations is Vegetarian Tacos. I use the Chipotle Black Bean Burgers in place of the meat.

Taco Shells
Lettuce (I often use fresh spinach instead)
Chipotle Black Bean burgers
Sour Cream
AVOCADO! (definitely the best ingredient)



Chop up veggies

Cook bean burgers in microwave or whatever. Crumble them up.

Warm taco shells. Taco shells are so much tastier when they are warm or toasted.

Put bean mixture in taco shell, top with cheese, veggies, etc. 

Nom down. 

So simple!

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