top down/ seat back/ rollin' in my cadillac

I have been coveting a convertible dress for over a year now. I look at it on vs.com and put it in my cart, then I forget about it, then I go back and see if it's on sale and its not and I realize I'm too cheap and can never decide what color to get so I forget about it again. 

When I was placing my first Avon order a couple weeks ago I was browsing through the clearance section and saw they had a convertible dress on clearance. I put it in my cart and hemmed and hawed about if I should get it or not and in the end I did because hey, it's for my business right? Avon often only gets clothing and such in one color so it makes that process quite easy. This shade of blue is always nice if you're tan and have red (or pink!) hair. I am none of the above, but enjoy it anyways!

Dress: Avon  Top & Leggings: Walmart?   Headband: Homemade  Shoes: Payless

Now Playing: Mest. I had a Cadillac once. It was a total money pit, but it was such a smooth ride. I still have his hood ornament. RIP Pimp Daddy Caddy.
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