2011 Resolutions Update: April

Its been almost 2 months since I posted my resolutions for this year, I want to go back and see how I'm doing with them. 

Get healthy: Mmm, not so much. Still planning to. I have spurts, then I go on chocolate binges. Stress is such a doozy.

Cut back on caffeine: Ha! I started drinking coffee.

Drink water: I've been doing okay at this.

Stop biting nails: I honestly don't think I'll ever be able to stop.

Stop yelling @ Logan: I hardly ever yell at him. I guess I used to do it more, so I have been successful at this.

Get pharm cert: Still thinking about it.

Open store: At this point, I think I'm just scared to. There's always something else I need before I can open it. Right now its a printer and dress form.

Save money: Not successful, still very hopeful.

Floss more: Psh. I thought my toothpaste did that.

Learn to tie ties: I learned that my brother ties ties the best.

Learn to crochet/knit: I had a Happy Hooker book checked out from the library for 2 months. Still can't get past my first row.

Learn to skate: Tried skating, have skates, still not so successful.

Take up piano/ learn music: Checked out a book, never opened it.

Brilliant ideas: Trying! It always seems like I have so many other things I have to do first though.

Stop doubting self: Working on it. I think I'm being successful. 

Jesus & study Bible: Working on it. Bible isn't going so well. See brilliant ideas answer. Shameful, I know.

Eliminate stress: I think I'm one of those high strung personalities that can't. Or maybe I can. We'll see.

Stop being in limbo: I think limbo defines my life at this point. :/

Joie de Vivre: Its there somewhere. Sometimes it pops out, sometimes I cry myself to sleep and don't move besides for Logan for hours on end. Its a process.

Be awesome: Puhlease, totally am.

Dress fabulously: I guess I do okay.

Have good friends: Getting there. 

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