Music Monday: The Postal Service

Ohmygoodness, is there a more wonderful band? Don't you just feel like the coolest thing ever when you're driving around in your car when its raining or late at night listening to them? Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Camborello created pure ear orgasm magic.

Give Up will eternally be in my top ten, maybe even top 5. There is not one single bad song on that album. I can't really say anything else, I mean, you know how fantastic they are, right? You have to! Unless you live under a rock.

I love love LOVE this video! This song is almost played too much, but the video... FANTASTIC!

You know I've never really liked Deathcab for Cutie, but I think I should give them another chance. That and Bright Eyes. Maybe my taste has changed and I'll like them.

Clark Gable is my favoritest song on that album. Mostly because I'm a Clark Gable freak, but I like the lyrics a lot too.

"And I kissed you in a style Clark Gable would have admired/ I thought it classic" = Epic!

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