I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough

This dress doesn't photograph so well. In person I think its much lovelier. Maybe it's just where I take the pictures though. My parents house is really ugly so I'm forced to take shots in front of these dumb palm trees in the back yard.

Oh well, I'm moving this week, so I'll have to find all new places to take my pictures. Sadly there aren't any fantastic trees around the new house at all. I'll have to explore the neighborhood and see what interesting locations I can find.

The best part of the new house is that it is less than one mile to a Target. Granted it's just a dinky Target, but its one none the less. Quite a far leap from the 100+ miles I was this summer. I hope I don't go broke.

Speaking of Target, I had a panic attack there last week. I haven't had one in forever. I've been extremely stressed out and worried and it just came over me. I couldn't go anywhere and hide either so I was wandering around trying to distract myself. I was all numb and tunnel visiony through the whole store, but I did manage to try on these beyond adorable shoes. They're like 4 inch wedges so I am unbelievably tall in them. I have to have them though. When they go on sale.

Hat & Sandals: Target  Dress: Thrift  Earrings: Bealls
I think all my clothes come from these 3 places. I really need to branch out and find a h&m or Forever 21. Fort Myers is lame!

Now Playing: Cee-Lo Green. You know, his performance at the Grammy's with Gwyneth Paltrow almost made me like her. Almost.
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