WIW Wednesday

Okay, I'm trying to have a better plan for my blog. I'm hoping to keep up with it and stop being so random. 
I like doing outfit posts, but need to find a photographer or a camera with remote or something. I try and dress awesome sometimes. I used to dress super amazing awesome when I was younger. I miss those days and wish I had thought about blogging my outfits back then. Or I guess it would be LiveJournaling them. This was like 5 years ago. I know I'm not so ancient, but it really feels like another lifetime. AAAAANNNNYYYYYWAAAAAAYSSSSS

I'm not wearing this today, but I had some pictures of this outfit on my computer and love it. Sometimes I'm not too sure about it because its predominately off white and I'm a chunky monkey, but whatevs. 

This dress is completely darling. I can't wait until it gets warmer... it buttons up and has an open back with a bow. So cute! I need to get some pics of my earrings too. I luff them. I just had to have them early last summer and had to have them, I hit up every Target in the area and they were sold out. Then I finally found them and have worn them maybe once since I got them? Oh well, they're lovely. Its hard to tell what the tights look like but they're cable knit and my coat is my favorite coat ever. It's completely ladylike. 

/Completely long winded explanation for my outfit. 

Dress: Thrifted Coat: Bealls Tights: Target Shoes: Goodwill Earrings: Target

Happy Humpday!

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