Music Monday

Today I'm going to do my guilty pleasure bands. I will never be a music snob. I love the pop music and will never be all hoity-toity about it. Sometimes I listen to 'quality' stuff, more often I listen to ear candy. That's just how I roll.

Logan is not letting me think for anything so this post will be short.  Sorry!

The All-American Rejects

Holy rattlesnakes. Does Tyson Ritter not have the most marvelous face ever? He does, don't disagree. I always squee a little whenever I see him in a movie or TV show. Anyways, All-American Rejects: good quality fun. Catchy, poppy, makes you dance. 2 Thumbs up.


I think I really just wanted to post this video. It is the most genius music video ever. And I could never reenact it because treadmills really disorient me.


No one ever appreciates Wheatus. I really don't understand it. Yeah they had that Teenage Dirtbag hit way back when, but that whole CD was amazeballs. And their cover of A Little Respect & Hit Me With Your Best Shot are so fantastic! Give 'em a chance! I really like his voice.

Lastly, I love love love Katy Perry. I'm not so nuts about that Firework song and I know she's not that great of a singer, but she's so cute and  pretty and her music is FUN. So whateva-eva.

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