Sketchbook Project: Great Hopes and Massive Failures

I signed my brother and I up for this Sketchbook Project thing this year. I don't know why I thought I should do it, my drawing skillz aren't the greatest. I slacked forever on it and wound out tearing out quite a few pages and making Logan finish the rest. At least I did better than Cris, who is an amazing artist, but he was unhappy with the topic I picked for him (Dirigibles and Submersibles... I just really liked the words) Either way it's in the mail today and none of our scanners work with my computer so I had to take pictures of my lame drawings. I'll put them after a cut.

Maybe I'll sign up again next year and put more thought in the topic and maybe someday I'll graduate to being able to draw more than just stick people. Idk though, it's been my shtick forever. I recall making this amazeballs comic years ago consisting of stick people and it was totes awesome. I wish I knew where it went, it was completely epic.

I will pick a different project this year. I will also stick to stick people when I draw because that's all I'm good at. And I will NOT procrastinate. Ahh resolutions.

Now, see if you can tell which pictures Logan drew and which ones I did. I think I have a video or 2 of him giving drawing lessons somewhere, I should find them. They amuse me.

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